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  • Fishing in August

    Hello all,

    My name's Tom, and I plan to come to AK in August with my gf. She's a bigtime mountain hiker, and I love hunting and fishing. So, we thought AK is a great place for us both. Hunting seems really difficult, so I was hoping to go fishing instead.

    We'll be around the Kenai peninsula and Denali park.

    Can anyone give this newbie any input for fishing around this time?

    I'd like to fish for salmon, rainbows, and whatever else possible.

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    Couple of options

    Well the Kenai is a no brainer and you can hike and fish just about any place down there and find something fun. Couple of decent books available about trails and fishing available on the site and are well worth the price considering you will be hiking and fishing. Kenai you have the Russian upper lake on down, the Anchor is always fun if your willing to hike plus dz of other trails that offer fishing as well

    D. Park is a different situation with limited fishing in the Park with real limited Salmon and no Rainbows on the beaten path. If you are up to the hiking part look to the Chulitna it has several types of salmon depending which part of the drainage you hike and limited access so you will find it is not fished hard with the exception of rafting. it is located about 30-40 minutes below the Park just below Pass Lake & Cantwell.

    You might consider fishing Grayling on the Denali Hwgy verse chasing bows and Salmon that time of year if in fact during your trip the Park is your second stop. Still lots of hiking available with some darn outstadning Grayling fishing to be had with Less Bear activity.

    Hope the data helps PM if youw ish details on the Denali Hwgy fishing.

    Richard M. Mousseau


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      Fishing can be great in August. The first suggestion I would have for you is to pick up either the Highway Angler by Gunner Pederson or Flyshermans Guide to Alaska by Scott Haugen books. They are loaded with tons of info for fishing this great state. You can even buy them right from this website. Silvers will be running in the parks highway streams as well as the Kenai Peninsula. Rainbows and Dollies can be caught in those areas as well. Hope this Helps.

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        What part of August are you coming? I could better tell you my thoughts if I knew what part of August you were heading up to "The Great Land"
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          My friends and I were in Kenai in late July. We rented mountain bikes and took the 6 mile trek to crescent lake for Grayling on light tackle. The moutain bike trip was tough but the views were awesome. The fishing was even better. I highly reccomend it. You can rent mountiain bikes in Soldotna from Beemun's hardware or from Kenai Lake Sea kayak adventures. Bring plenty of water.


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