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  • penn reel ?

    I was given a couple of halibut rods. One has a penn 49 and the other a penn 149. Can anyone tell me if these are decent reels for halibut fishing around Kodiak. I'm new to Halibut fishing all together so this will be my first year chasing them. Any advice is welcome
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    That 149 should do just fine but the 49 is a tad small. It would work in a pinch but if you can resort to something better then I would.
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      The most important thing...

      Is checking out the drag on reels that have been setting around. Most Penn reels these days use the same Ht100 drag system, and you can buy a new set of drag washers (metal and fiber) from lots of mail order places, Cabelas etc. or find in bigger tackle shops. If you have little release from a tight drag, ie: you have to tighten the drag almost all the way before it begins to resist, change those washers!

      The smaller reel could be filled with 50, 65 or 80 pound Power Pro super braid, and have plenty of line on it. I wouldn't worry about the size of any Penn reel too much as long as you have enough line for the depth you are finshing in, with about 50% extra, ie 450 feet for 300 ft depth. That's a minimum! All Penn reels are really strong, and halibut usually fight straight to the bottom. Of course, a bigger reel is easier, but the small ones will work if that is what you have and can afford.

      I have several Penn Senators, but have gone to the mid to larger size Penn GT reels, level wind in nice! The 320GT2 is ideal. Unless you want to spend more on fine 2-speed reels etc.

      My son caught a 244 lb. halibut in Prince William Sound 85 feet deep in 2007. He was using a little Penn 310 GTi with 50 lb Power Pro and a 15-30 lb. old Penn 2 piece Longbeach rod. It took awhile and that crazy fish pulled the boat to shore 6 times instead of heading to nearby 600 foot deep water! I'd add a picture, but can't figure out how to do that!

      Have fun and catch a barndoor!


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        Picture Posting Simplified

        Nothing to it.

        To attach an image just click on the paper clip, a box will pop up and then just browse to the location of the file on your computer.



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          Attaching picture....ask a young person!

          Yeah, I shoulda asked my 14 year old. Ok, back to the 244lb halibut, it was shot twice in the head with a .44 mag using super hollow point .44 specials, great low kick/noise butt-killer. About 1 1/2 hours later, we were hanging it on a scale at Ravencroft Lodge (, you can see my son stick his finger in the bullet holes and some other good stuff on their video...ok, back to the story, the fish woke up and started thrashing and bent the thick "S" hook on the scale, so we got the 244lb weight using the halibut weight-length chart.

          Only halibut of the trip so we kept it and ate is, as good as any little chicken halibut. Here is the picture....Ha ha ha....still foiled!!:confused: It is only a 46kb file, so should work! I'll try again when my kid is home!

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            I agree, check the drags and use superbraid. I have been using a pair of Avet reels, the smallest ones they make with 80lb powerpro and Okuma Cedros jigging rods with awesome results. It's not the size, it's the capacity. You'll do just fine with those Penns. Call me, the Halibut are biting RIGHT NOW!!!


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              Thanks for the info guys.

              MN send me a PM I lost your number when I moved. We still need to hook up
              Experience is a hard teacher because you get the test first and the lesson afterwards.


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