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    Originally posted by Alaskan Salmon Sith View Post
    Charlie Livingston takes forever doesnt he? JMSS has had a couple fish done by him and he says it took over a year almost 18 months. I'm not down with that.
    Maybe??? I dunno... I had a king done a few years ago and it took 3 months, but i can see how waiting for longer makes it a no-go
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      For the steelhead ... two guys that you might want to look at:

      Luke Filmer at

      and Dave Campbell at


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        ever think you might want to do your own? i'm starting that process now. check out . you figure $200 for the replica, $150 for an airbrush, $100 for different paint and pigments your still looking at less than $500 and good luck finding a place that will do it for less and turn a good product. i've done alot of research into taxidermists and by far the best i've seen for steelhead is a place online , which by the way uses some of the JG replicas, and the price quote they gave me was nearly two grand for a steelhead. thats what got me started. is a good place to go for info as well. lots of tutorials. good luck.


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          I have no desire to do it on my own, unfortunately. I wouldn't be able to anyway, given the fact that I'm in Iraq. I appriciate all of the info so far.
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            i posted in the fish section on there are some pretty talented taxidermists on there. heres the link to the post i made



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              X2 on Both

              Originally posted by spoiled one View Post
              Mark Oslund! No question. He is one of, if not the best that I have seen.
              Mark has won many awards for his work. He does 3D reproductions that will blow you away! Most definitely the best fiberglas work that I have ever seen.

              Originally posted by Woody View Post
              I have a char that was done by Mark Osland. It is OK. I think his specialty is salmon. For trout of grayling repros I would go with Eric Knowlton at reel trout studios. He did a rainbow and a grayling for a buddy... absolutley fabulous!

              Likewise, Eric does wood repoductions that are unbelieveable!

              You would not be disappointed by going with either one.



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