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    Hey guys I'm currently in Iraq right now but I'm trying to plan a King charter for my wife and I when I get home. We usually fish Klutina for reds for a weekend so I was thinking either the copper, Klutina, or Gaulkana (sp), but we would be willing to go anywhere. Wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as charter recomendations or river selection. We would probably be going on the 1st or 2nd weekend of July during my R&R but dates are flexible. Thanks in advance.

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    Klutina's good!

    I've floated the Klutina for Kings. In two days we caught over 50 fish. The river is very fast and it's a challenge to land 'em. We used a guide for our first float and his advice/skill that he taught us was invaluable. On the upper end we even caught a bunch of grayling and trout. The trip itself is a great two or three day float but be warned, this river is not for the novice or first time rafter.
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      I'm sure BK is the only person on this site who has any advice. Thanks.


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        I'd like to put a vote in for Blue moose rafting on the Gulkana. Check them out....
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          The Klutina depends hugely on the level of the water. Last summer while we were there in Glennallen, most of the charters couldn't even get their boats up river. I can't remember exactly when we went, but I believe it was the last week of June or the 1st week of July. Help me out, JMSS.

          I have seen some large hogs pulled out of the Klutina.

          As BK said, the river is not for the novice as you know from seeing it first hand flipping for reds.

          I don't really know anything about the Gulkana, as I have never had the desire to fish it.
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            Thanks for the plug eh!

            1st weekend in July would be a no go IMO for the Gulkana normal fishing and water that time of year on the lower river with 4th of July Traffic tends to not be stellar fishing that is unless you have days verses a one time good deal.

            Each River the Gulkana and the Klutina have 2 runs of Kings the later offering more fish in the 2nd run as well as larger fish.

            I take my wife King fishing every year between the 10-15 of July on the Gulkana and she seems to always have a good time and lands her KINGS but again everything is about timing and water conditions. The Klutina has its own issue concerning both.

            Hopefully in 2009 thing swill pick up. Looking back at my logs 2008 was going to be somewhat of a bust year either way based on the 2003 heat wave IMO. 2004 Numbers were above average so 2009 should be more consistant thatis if we are not at flood stage from 1 June thorugh 19 July.

            You have a couple of options on both systems starting with the Gulkana you have the Gulkana River Ranch owned by NOVA great guy runs it and they are very professional. You also have Allen at the Gas Station Cooper River Guides I do believe is what he calls him-self as well as Josh Hughes but I hear he might be in trouble and not able to guide however it is a family business and his sister and or father should be running and of course BMR. We are all on the river just about every day twice a day fishing most of the same water. There are couple of more but the ones listed are for the most part the main players. You also have the Gulkana River RV park "They always ask if I am willing to work out of there but I will not" :-)

            Same group with the excption of BMR will run the Klutina and they have all been there for some years and have a great worling knowledge of the system and do well. You can also check out King for a Day on the Klutina.

            Hope the information helps. If you have questions please feel free to PM me.

            BMR does offer Mil Trips so if you have more than just you and your spouse wishing to go and the group reaches 6 people we offer up to 40% off day or over night trips for our protectors of the nation.

            Thank you for serving!

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              We usually fish the Klutina the last 2 weeks of July. We go with Klutina Salmon Charters, Eric Nickell. Catch plenty of kings with Eric, fish for reds off the bank, stay at the campground there. Great time.


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                I will chime in and say that Klutina Salmon Charters is where I always pitch my tent (8 years running). Eric and his wife, Dianne I believe, have a great place there and you literally can walk 50yards from your RV/Tent to the fishing. Great place ran by great people.
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                The circle is complete again, finally. The force is once again balanced!
                "Only a Sith deals in absolutes in regards to fishing!"


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                  IMO, I've stayed at both Klutina Campground and Groves Campground. Both of them are nice people and you can't go wrong with the fishing. There is always good fishing to be had right at both campgrounds, or if you want a little bit of a wilderness expierence walk down towards the mouth or drive you vehicle up the Brenwick-Craig road. You have to pay for a pass up the road as it is Ahtna Land. I landed a nice 40 pound king with Groves last year. If any of you remember, it was a huge down year for that river, hopefully this summer will not be like last years. Just my $0.02.

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