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    What is the best lake trout Ice fishing lake Around big lake and in the valley does anybody have any good places
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    far as i know the closest lake trout fishery in long lake on the glenn. hidden lake on the kenai penn is gonna be the closest south. if you are looking for really big fish, lake louise, paxson, summit, or crosswinds would be my choice for good areas. there are other good areas farther north but you said close .


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      people pull lakers out of redshirt every once in a while.

      There are some good lake trout spots if you are willing to look, but I'm not gonna divulve them, I'll give you a hint though. They don't drain into the berring sea.

      Check out fish maps on F&Gs website you might be suprised.
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        Without being too tight lipped i would have to tell you to get the hell out of the anchorage area for Lakers. Find any good sized lake in the lake louise region and fire up the snow machine and head out. It's all about the maps, look over your maps and gps detail over a beer some night after work and find a lake that looks to be off the beaten path. Dont go down the kenai way, head north. Make sure the lake isnt connected to a glacier (tazlina lake) and you should do well. I put an immense amount effort into the valley area. caught a few pike out of cow, trapper, nancy, and redshirt lakes. The fishing was always slow. Anytime my buddies and I split the gas to go north, we never regretted it. All those burbot and lakers!


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          I've always heard good things about the lakes around Paxson. I've never had the stones to go out there and fish b/c I'm not sure where to start on those huge lakes.
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