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  • Set a net?

    Do any of you fellas use a net to catch fish for the family?

    Heres some of how we work together, and get up quite a bit of Salmon for smoking, drying, 1/2 dryed and just thrown in the freezer flopping...~LOL!~

    40 or so feet of net, 3 1/2 mesh, good for most Salmon. We get Kings first, then a run of Chums, followed by Humpies, a late run of Chums with Silvers in the fall.

    We used to fish fairly heavy, but nowadze we take about 1/2 of what we used to, as we no longer run dogs.

    My 11 year old is as good as her mom and oldest Brother Doug. Notice the women have their knives and way, and he has his. Different tools accomplishing the same task.

    Nice Char.

    Winters dinners, lunches, snacks and X-mas gifts.
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    Cool, thanks for sharing that with us.
    I didn't know ulu's were that versatile.
    Ya learn something new every day.


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      We have subsistance setnets here on kodiak, but they have to be in the salt water a certain distance away from the stream mouths. We usually only set it when the reds are running but before the pink run starts.


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        Awesome! That reminds me when I used to live in Nome, the family had a set net we used to put in the ocean. Chums, Pinks, and Silvers is what we caught. We of course would split all the catch between about 3 families, not to mention the relatives we would send the meat to. Then it all went away one night when we were not fast enough to get out to the cabin, about 15 miles away, one stormy night. Never saw that net again. Thanks for sharing!

        Fish On!
        You know your not catching any fish when you start talking about the weather...


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          we usualy fish 2 or 3 nets and split the fish. The good thing is that subsistance nets dont have to be anchored to shore so we set them end to end. They end up being just as long as a commercial set net (which need to be anchored on shore). Last year was the best Ive seen, on the best day, every family took home about 90 reds and and a king (Ours was a white king).


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            When you dry the fish, do you need to put anything (salt,pepper?) on it?


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              You need not put a thing on them.

              Feel free to spice, dice and eat later.

              Now when we set them to flavor up with smoke, we put them to soak.
              We often soak them in 2 cups of salt stirred into 4 gallons of water for 20 minutes to an hour or so, before we Alder Smoke them. terribly Delicious.

              Often, in the heat of summer, we keep some smoke on them and keep the flys off, but it is important to check them for little white fly eggs the women flick off with a knife tip. Salt and pepper do not stop flys...or we'd salt 'em all...LOL!

              A Cool breeze keeps flys at bay, and puts a crust of dryness on the slabs, and thats after a day or so, then the flys cant bother them. Those that do get a few maggots just go on the dogfood pole...dogs gotta eat...
              If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

              "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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                We get most of our salmon with a net - 36 coho this year. Normally we try to target sockeye, but sockeye runs were poor this summer and we were on vacation for the best part of the run. Fortunately we had a great coho run.

                With a few dozen salmon in the freezer along with game meat we can usually avoid buying any meat from the store.


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                  I took home a pretty big homepack from a beach seine this year, I've also been know to choke a fish or two for my family but most go for profits. I don't live out in the middle of nowhere though but bringing home a bunch of salmon freed me up to do more trout fishing this fall, as the family is not dismayed when I come back from fishing with nothing over a 2 month period....
                  I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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