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  • Fishing SW Baranof Island

    I have been planning my trip and going over the charts. It looks like the SW part of Baranof would contain some excellent fishing spots for all species. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of the area and any favorite parts of the area that they would like to share?

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    ask me again in two months
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      SW Baranof

      It should be excellent. About your only competition will be commercial boats.
      Even a jackass won't stumble on the same stone twice.


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        be extreeeeeemly cautious of the 'rips'. the closer to the end of the island you get, the worse they are...making the turn can be chitty at best. Was helping out a lodge this summer down thataway (port alexander)....fishn is great, currents are just wow. Was nice hitting big flatties in double digit waters.

        The rips start at puffin and really pick up on the south end of larch....omney bay....shew!!!

        The halibut fishing....shew!!!


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          Redfish Bay

          If you are going to be on the salt, you will need a couple of days to explore Redfish. The scenery is absolutely beautiful up inside and the coho fishing out in front of the Bay is respectable from mid-July through September. The top-water rockfish fishing around the kelp patches is great on either side of the entrance. Halibut can be found in just about any flat area you choose to try and there seem to be plenty in the 40 to 60-pound range.

          Most of the anchorages from Whale Bay south are secure "but buggier than hell". Sandy Bay is one of my favorites and give a good night's sleep with no wave surge. You have to run up inside Snipe a ways but it has a dent in the south shore you can see on the chart that is shallow enough to anchor but the gnats will eat you alive if you can't screen your windows. ;-]

          TradBow is giving good advice about the "rips". There is a LOT of confused water moving down in that country with the tide changes. Especially on the ebb it comes boiling out of Chatham Strait and wraps around the Cape and effects EVERYTHING. If you don't use a little common sense in the area of the Cape you can get a serious ass-kicking! Good luck.


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            catching prawns

            Thanks for the reply's.

            The reason I was hanging to Snipe Bay was that it looks like there may be some decent prawning there while we are on the hook. We plan on staying in that area for approximately a week, fishing and checking things out. If the knats are that bad, how would Toy Harbor in Necker Bay be? It looks like some prime prawning in that bay also. I've been reading on the board that you folks mostly anchor out for halibut. Is that standard out on the salt? Down here off Oregon, we always drift to be able to cover a bigger area.

            Where are you getting halibut in the double digit depth? You must be in awful close. How far off of land are the tide rips effective there at the cape? It seems that if a guy could get out just beyond the rips, the halibut fishing should be excellent as they lie there waiting for the food to come to them.


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              omney bay on the outside and just on the inside south of PA.

              those rips can be on either side but usually atleast from what I saw of it were on the outside.... And are extreeeeeeeme....nothing like PWS! Getting outside of them though possible there are eddies in the current if you drive around to find them. There is two charter operators out of PA, you'll see where they are fishing....that's a good place to start.


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