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  • Coho in the salt and tides

    I have a question. this July i will be in Homer and we are going to hit the salt for Silvers. How does the tide impact Silver fishing? to me it would seem had to do anything when the tide gets going. Can you tuck behind a point or island when the tide gets ripping?

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    Not sure...

    why it would be difficult to fish for silvers thru either a flood or ebb? You don't need to anchor, so just drift with the current while mooching, or motor mooch. On the troll, I would think you'd need to keep track of your speed or just judge how your lure/bait is performing in the water next to the boat to determine the speed you want. I admit that I've only trolled once for silvers on our own boat (Seward), but 3 of us (all novices) boxed 14 silvers using Luhr/Jensen divers (same used on Kenai) and plug cut herring. We fished throughout the day at Fox Island and didn't keep track one bit what the tide was doing. We just found the speed we wanted by experimenting and watching the birds. The only place I can think of that would be somewhat sketchy (tidal considerations) in Cook Inlet is the middle rip, and you wouldn't be out there fishing for silvers.
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