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  • Ice Auger Problems

    I have a Strikemaster 3 Magnum ice auger that I haven't used in around 10 years. I pulled it out and filled it with the proper mixed fuel, took out the spark plug and cleaned, and reinstalled it. It looked good. Anyway my arm gave out after 100 pulls or so and it still won't start. Any suggestions from those of you that use these often. I have long lost the manual and can't find one online to troubleshoot.

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    Some ideas to get the auger running

    Check the plug--if it's wet, it is getting fuel. If it is real wet, it may be flooded. A small shot of starting fluid to the intake might get it going. I said small. Too much starting fluid, and the engine can "run away", over-revving it and possibly damaging it seriously. If the starting fluid gets it running, but then it dies, try it a couple more times, until the engine is warmed up a bit. If it still dies, then the carburetor is probably gummed up from being stored with fuel in the system. That requires disassembly and extensive cleaning. The carb passages are very small, and easily plugged. Usually, no amount of additive will clean out plugged carbs without disassembly.

    Hope this helps!



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      Just a shot in the dark try pulling the air filter off. Might have gotten pluged up over the 10 years.


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        Don't forget to flip the kill switch to the run position.
        I had that problem first time I tried to start it this year.


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          I figure I left it with fuel in it the last time I used it 10 years ago so it's more then likely gumed up... Think I'll just take it in to have a carb cleaning and tune up... I mean it's been sitting in the corner of the garage for 10 years. Probably only had 1 or 2 hours on the motor the last ime I used it. It pretty much brand new. Thanks for the replies.


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            AFG, That's a pretty easy carb to work on if you have the time. It's probably varnish/crud formed inside like Midnight stated... I had mine apart last year, cleaned it in some fresh gas and carb cleaner, popped it back together, and it runs like it's out of the box! I would have never attempted it, but after I opened it up, it was too easy. Good luck either way.


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              Check for spark

              You need three things. Spark, fuel, and air. Check to make sure you have spark too. Take the plug out and plug it into the wire and crank it over. Make sure the plug is in contact with something metal on the motor and see if it's firing. You should clean out the carb for sure and should be good to go.
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