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alright...need your advice

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  • alright...need your advice

    I thank you in advance for any advice you can offer - as I lived in Anchorage for some time but did not travel much further South than Homer or North than the Big S. to fish (which I always enjoyed...tremendously,) - I could certainly use, and appreciate, any piece of information that you might be able to offer.

    I no longer live in Anchorage (p.m. me if you ever want to fly fish in Colorado), and haven't kept up with the hot spots, and so forth. My family (myself included), however, likes to take an annual trip up to the Alaska to drink Alaskan Amber and fish the nicest country in the world.

    So...without asking for secrets, I would respectfully ask anyone to identify one or two rivers off (the somewhat) beaten path that might be enjoyed by someone like myself.

    We are looking for:
    - A fair, reasonable price...that won't break us in these hard financial times...
    - A place suitable for both fly fishing and spin fishing
    - A float, or a lodge....I think we are up for either...
    - I suspect that the folks I'll be with would like to target silvers first, maybe kings, and would smile quite a bit with an accidental rainbow, dollie, or grayling...
    - We are not interested in taking a lot of fish back us, if any at all

    Thanks for any info you can provide...I'm available by p.m. also - if need be.

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    I'd suggest going north and exploring grayling opportunities, most trout water gets hit pretty hard no matter how far you fly.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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      Great to see you still posting...thanks for your advice, as always. I recall that you were extremely helpful in (circa) 2004...I hope that you are doing well, and that your lines are mostly tight!

      I do feel that my group (at least four of us) wouldn't be happy without a little salmon action...any ideas?

      Thanks again


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        Lots of good Salmon and Trout action in the Bristol Bay area.
        I'm hoping to spend a few days fishing the Kvichak this September.
        Another river on my bucket list is the Alagnak.


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          Thank you for your thoughts...I'll check it out.

          Also, appreciated your website.

          Thanks again & best regards


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            Have you looked into Prince Of Wales Island? Coffman Cove Adventures looks like they have a decent set up going with reasonable prices. They advertise on here and this is where I found them.



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              Both the Goodness River and the Kanektok have incredible Silver fishing. Dillingham has all the gear you need so you can just pick all the rental equipment there (including coolers). Give yourself 10 days. There is great rainbow, dollies, and grayling in those rivers as well. If you target Silvers you will miss the kings. Kings come in first.


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                Thanks again

                Buck and Kayak,
                Thank you for the advice - my research has begun!


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                  Thanks again

                  Say, I wanted to leave one last post on this thread - to say thank you for all those who responded to this thread (to include PMs)...I've got several ideas now that I am actively researching.

                  I have witnessed (not on this forum) that questions sometimes get answered without a response by the person who asked the original question - which irritates me, to a certain extent - so I figured I would put one last post to say thanks to all the kind folks who decided to take a few minutes out of their lives to respond.

                  Again, thanks...and I'll post with a report if/when we make the long as we catch at least one fish

                  time to go fly some ties!


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