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    Ok so im going to go out with JohnSWA and his Father in Law and my wife june. We are gonna fish august 1st. Looking to book a 6 pack. Would love to chase butts but I know the weather is a bummer so Silvers and Rock fish would be fine and fun too. So guys, give me your take on who you would try to book with for a fun filled day of fishing, beverage consumption, and laughs. As most of you know I am pretty laid back and we are looking to have a good time. It is fishing and not catching just looking for the guys who give you a good chance.

    Thanks Chuck
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    I have gone out with Millers Landing. Mike is a hoot. You know my humor..We had a blast. 1-866-541-5739
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      I'd give Cracker Jack or Pro-Fish-N-Sea a call. Top notch guys.


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        I'd go with Profish-n-sea Charters, I used to work for them and they are top notch (now that I'm gone ) I would ask for Capt. Kevin on either their 6 pack or their 10 pack.



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          Man I love this place. I have a boat booked all ready. A forum member who I fished on the kenai last year who bought a boat for the salt this year. Nothing like just having to cover gas and and bait. thanks guys this place does rock
          Grandkids, Making big tough guys hearts melt at first sight


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            I gotta give Capt Eric Clock of Semaka Charters in Seward a plug.

            Years ago, a buddy and I booked the last two seats available for a day of halibut fishing. We got up at oh dark thirty and made the road trip down from Palmer. While we were on the road, the other 4 people on the charter (we didn't know them) who booked, backed out.

            Capt Eric took my buddy and me out anyway because he knew what we'd gone through to get there. We didn't go out far, but he got us in to the halibut, lings and rock fish.

            So each summer since, we've booked his boat for the day because of it and give him a plug if anyone asks for a recommendation for a Seward Charter.


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              pro fish, crackerjack, alaska offshore adventures, saltwater safari. they are all good with nice gear.


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                Give Andy of crackerjack a call

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                  Highly reccommend Cracker Jack charter.....probably one of THE best charter experiences we've ever had!


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