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fishing off the beach in homer

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  • fishing off the beach in homer

    I have fished there in the summer but wanted to give it a try this time of year has anyone ever tryed it?

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    Yes I have. By the CG dock you will see people fishing there. I have caught polluck, cod and sole.
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      that's good to know I might try and get down there this weekend


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        If you go, please post a report...I may be down in Homer once or twice in Feb-April...I always like to toss some jigs off the end of the spit when there, but have never tried quite so early in the year.
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          While we're on the topic of surf fishing, has anyone attempted to do it in Whittier during the winter months? There's a spot at the head of the bay (just past the second creek) where you could easily get the tackle down to around 75 ft or so. Also, I know that there is a big dock on the south end of town where I caught a couple decent rock fish last September, but I was on my boat. The depth finder was reading 75-90 ft deep right in that area just 10-15 yds off the dock. Not sure if they'd take too kindly to us out-of-towners fishing there though.


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