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  • Question for Kenai Pen. guides...

    How are your guys' bookings shaping up for the summer? Mostly interested in July kings (river)and halibut trips (Deep Creek, Homer, etc.). I'm aware that lots of Kenai river guides are booked pretty early for the next summer. Just curious if this is holding true.
    Reason I'm asking is that we have built an additional place on our property for our vehicles & extra lodging room. I'm generating some interest by offering friends a place to stay if they want to get to Alaska and can't afford big buck B&B, lodges, etc. but want to advise them to make plans as soon as practical if they want to go on guided fishing trips. Kinda hard to "wing" it and fly up there on a whim and expect to be able to get on with a guide I would think. Thanks.
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    July is filling in for the guides that have been in business for awhile from what I am hearing from those that I work with on the Kenai River and Deep Creek Marine area. I think that you could wait until the last minute to try and get a guide and you would likely be able to do so you just might not be able to go with the guide of your choice. There is normally a reason that some are open during primetime at the last minute and others have been booked for weeks.

    Having said that I know that there are always "holes" in schedules for everyone so you just never know. I have noticed that more of our longtime groups are waiting a little longer to book this season but they have still been booking. If I had to guess the "primetime" part of the summer will be booked for most but the traditionally slower tourist times will be a little leaner overall.


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      We are booked for July about 2 years in advance or so, but we have had a cancellation or two this year from businessmen dealing with tough economies down south. I'd expect that most lodges/guide services are dealing with a similar situation. There will always be plenty of business in July though, you might just have to work a little bit to stay full rather than it falling right in your lap. It's the shoulder season that really takes a hit at times like these.

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