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  • Dolly Varden Lake

    Just wanted to know if anyone had any information on Dolly Varden Lake near Sterling. I am renting the cabin there in late February for a weekend and looking for some advise on fishing and other outdoor activities. I didn't find out much information on the web so I figured I would try here. Thanks!

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    the lake is on here with some other lakes in the area. Camped at the campground a few times but normally hike out to the other lakes


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      The Dolly Varden Lake about 14 miles down Swanson River Road? If so decent fishing for smaller dolly varden but have not given it much of a go as other lakes in the immediate area have bigger trout on the average and more of them it seems. Look for the frozen ice holes that others have drilled here as it is easy to see were others have been f.

      Didn't know that there was a cabin located at this lake so I probably am thinking of the wrong one.


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        Actually, if you go down the road just a bit further, you'll pass 'Rainbow Lake' on the right side of the road (just before you hit the Swanson River). This lake has a pretty good population of 'bows in the 12-13" range.


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          The dolly varden cabin is great I usually use it at least once every august or september. I have tried fishing the lake but have never done well at all, but there are some big fish in it I see them jump all the time. Never tried ice fishing it.


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