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    I have a Wallas Ceramic Diesel Heating/Cooking stove that came with the 26' boat. It has a fan, works well, providing enough heat on most days if you keep the door closed. But, the better half is not impressed with the modest temperture. Gloves or no gloves, if her hands get cold its time to head back as the heater just cannot keep up on chilly days out on the salt.

    I would like something that would work inside that cabin as a backup and to place on the deck with the top up and curtains snapped. A know that a little more heat would improve the mood and enhance a day that may be a little too cool for all the family to enjoy.

    I've noticed some portable units on other boats, mostly catalytic/propane, but I have no experience with them. Any recommendations, your experiences positive or not, would be appreciated. Thx

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    Wallas and buddy.

    I have a wallas 85du (cook top, close the lid and the fan blows) it kept us nice and toasty today (30 degrees). Its nice because the heat is dry, When it gets really cold I will bring our "buddy heater" its propane, runs on the little bottles and even though its small it cranks out a fair amount of supplementary heat. Never needed it myself but the wife seems to be cold blooded. If you can keep her warm she's a heck of a lot mote fun. When she gets cold she would just as soon be grading papers! Not a bad deal I guess if they are the fun torque or angular momentum problems the physics kids do... Middle school essays are more of a drag! There are better ways to go if you have the dough but for the price the buddy does a great job. I did notice the few times we have used the buddy that the windows seem to fog up a lot worse on the inside than if I just use the wallas. Does your boat have a carpeted ceiling and walls? Maybe that bit of insulation would help?


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      SEO - Wallas Onboard

      I think our Wallas is the same or similar model. Boat walls/ceiling are carpeted, no insulation, metal boat. Thx, for the tip. I have not had any problems with our Wallas. I understand burning propane puts moisture in the air but is a commonly used fuel source. I'll check out the buddy. Thx.


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        Cheap and effective!

        Cheap at wallmart and wife LOVES the difference it makes. Basically doubles the BTU'S especially if you buy the larger model with fan (holds small can of propane on each side). Hot wired mine to plug into cigarette lighter. No batteries!


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          Forgot to mention the buddy heater is hard to keep going if the swells/chop are to bad. It has a safety that tries to turn it off if it tips. The boat rolling with the swells will turn it off (swells 3-4 ft with chop will turn mine off) Never a problem for us as the wife doesn't have fun if the weather is bad enough to turn ours off.


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            I use a small coleman propane tent heater to supplement my cabin heater.
            It's only needed during march and april.


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              Big Buddy propane heater

              SEAoceanking mentioned the propane heater that uses two small canisters. It is the Mr. Heater Big Buddy. It has a battery (3 D cells) operated fan too. If you can put a couple of pan head screws somewhere, it has slots on the back to mount it to a wall. Do it right and it'll touch the floor too. That'll keep it from shutting off when boat rocks. But I wouldn't stay out in 4 footers with my wife either!

              This heater can be run off a big (5 gal) propane tank too, runs forever on one. You need a filter and a hose, the filter cleans the propane and also acts, I think, like a regulator. My set up like this heats my 16x24 cabin with loft just fine during the summer in PWS!

              I have the Wallas heater in my Hewescraft too, enough heat for me. Yep, the propane will fog the windows up a bit. I got a small ceramic heater at auto store which plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter, keeps the captains window clear. So, a little fog is OK if she's warm, as long as it doesn't drip on her!



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                Tough Buddy

                Well, since Lowes is having a 25% off sale on all their seasonal heaters this week, I purchased a Mr. "Tough" Buddy. Fired it up yesterday, seems like just the heater needed. Not sure where in the world I'm going to find a space on the boat to mount the heater but somehow I'll make it fit. I expect that once installed and the control turned onto "toast" the other half will be happier onboard -- warm and cozy. Thx, for your advice.


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                  Mr Buddy

                  I duck hunt in Iowa and use a Mr Buddy and it works great in temps in the teens on a boat with a blind great product.


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