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  • Nathan Huffman

    Anyboyd know a guy that builds rods by the name of Nathan Huffman? A buddy bought a rod and would like some more info. Thanks for the help.

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    Might want to check with gent who makes rods up in Two Rivers he more than likely knows.

    back a couple of years ago there was only three of us making rods commercially in FAI that I am aware of and that name does not ring any bells.




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      pawn shop

      My buddy found the rod at a pawn shop. Seems to like it. He said it has the name and some info, but nothing to take him to the builder.


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        I know who you're talking about, I used to work with his son. In fact, his son's name is Nathan, so I'm wondering if it was just a rod he made for him so it had his name on it. I'm pretty sure he moved out of state... all custom rod builders have access to the same blanks pretty much, so if he likes the rod there are plenty of others out there that would probably suit his fancy. A good builder for a good price is k-kustom rods.


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          I'll tell my buddy to look in the phone book to see if maybe one of them is around. He built his own rod a long time ago, so has a little idea about what goes into it, and he likes a good rod. Apparently he thinks he found one. Would be cool to find Nathan or even the son. thanks guys.


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