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Ice augers/what brand?

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  • Ice augers/what brand?

    I'm from the midwest and there we used mostly Strikemasters or Jiffys. I see there is no dealers for either one here in Alaska. What do you guys recommend I buy here?

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    hey Jim

    Im from right next door to ya. I havent taken the plunge yet but i am planning to get a Jiffy. Have you by any chance tried a NilsMaster? I have heard only good things about them but cant seem to find any local sales. Well good luck Ice fishin here just hasnt caught on like back home. I guess it has something to do with the not so easy access and the bitter cold.
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      havent put a ton of hours on my eskimo but dont have any complaints during my second season.


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        I have had a 10" strikemaster for 4 years and it has never failed me, but I think Jiffy's are more durable and seem to cut faster. Just my $.02.


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          I've had a Jiffy, and it was great. I just recently bought a 10" Eskimo, and for the price, you can't beat it. $299, I think.


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            These units are bulletproof IMO. They go right through the ice with a double blade unit.

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              I've been using a Jiffy 10" since the mid 90s. They sell them at Sportsmans Warehouse in Fairbanks. The next time you head to Anchorage or Wasilla ya might be able to get one there if you prefer that brand.


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                strikemaaster lazer

                the jiffys that I have seen always run rough/heavy/bulky.

                I would only get a strikemaster, I have been on mine for 12 years now, and maybe changed a plug at the most. you could probably get it online? the lazers have two blades - and they are fast!

                Havnt used the eskimos-


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                  I'd go Jiffy. My friends have Strikemasters and they seem to run rough and don't start so easy (so they say). I have an 8" Eskimo and while it does run good, it has certainly irritated me a few times. I think an investment in a jiffy auger is well worth it.
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                    Strikemaster 10.25" chipper

                    I've had mine for 8 years and it still runs as good as they day I bought it. They also provide top-notch customer service and really fast turn around if you do need to send the powerhead in for anything. The chipper will stay sharp longer than the lazer series, and blade replacement is much cheaper, and of course there is only one blade which I see as an asset (simple). Lazers cut faster, but if you ever fish glacial lakes they will dull pretty quick due to particulate matter in the ice.


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                      Another vote here for the 10 1/4" Strikemaster with chipper blade!!!


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                        That's like asking what's the best oil on a car forum

                        Strikemasters, I hear lots of good things about from people that own them.

                        Jiffy, supposed to be top of the line and last forever, more expensive but supposed to be worth it.

                        Eskimo, I have an 8" older one I picked up for $100, starts in just a couple of pulls and works awesome, it's probably 10-12 years old at least.

                        I think if you stick with the big 3 you won't have any worries for the most part. Some guys are starting to use those electric augers and I've heard some real positive things about those, might consider that another option


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                          I have a strikemaster lazermag express in the 8" and my brother has a 20 year old jiffy model 30 also in the 8", If i can get the lazermag started I usually beat him in hole drilling contests...problem is his starts on the 2nd pull everytime and mine starts on the 15th pull. Once the strikemaster is running it's a great machine. When I lived in MN I was a run n gunner which is where the strikemaster shines with its light far in AK I haven't had to do the running n gunning, I think mostly because the trout/char don't hold so tight to structure/depth like the walleyes do. So if i were going to get a auger it would be a Jiffy, my next auger will be a jiffy stx pro in the 8" which is the lightest model that jiffy has. As far as auger size goes I wouldn't get anything over a 9", all i've ever used has been 8" and we've pulled in quite a few 15 to 20 lb pike through 8" holes...that and my ol man always had a 10" hole and i've seen numerous walleye turn themselves around in the hole and get off...much more difficult to do that in a 8" hole...and it's also tougher to fit my boot down a 8" hole. Again this is just my opinion, everyone is different.


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                            Buy the Eskimo

                            Never had any problems with my 8" Eskimo and mine sees a lot of use .Some days 30-50 holes when fishing a lot of pike tip-ups with a few friends.
                            Bought a Jiffy 10" a couple of years ago and its in the shop right now.Having trouble getting it started.
                            The engine on my Jiffy is more exposed than the one on my Eskimo and when towing it in the sled behind my snowmobile it tends to get iced up with snow sometimes. Not an issue with my Eskimo.Wish I had bought the 10" Eskimo instead,but the Jiffy had a better warranty.
                            You usually don't need anything bigger than an 8" auger. I bought the 10" because i was Burbot fishing at -30 and leaving the sets for 24 hours the bigger size worked better. Bigger hole = more open hole left and less ice to chip the next morning even when you fill the holes with snow.
                            Electronic augers are usually for those with big shantys that are left out all winter. No fumes inside. batteries usually don't hold up well in the cold and are heavy and hard to lug around. If you live in Minnesota and drive out to your shanty on a plowed road they probably work good right off of your truck battery.
                            I'm sure you will be happy with most any brand but you want to buy locally for warranty parts and service.
                            I also know that Eskimo donates an auger every year to our ice fishing derby here in Soldotna @Trustworthy.
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                              We have a strikemaster,and have no complaints after 4 seasons with it.
                              Ryan from Wasilla


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