Kings and Halibut out of Deep Creek



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  • Kings and Halibut out of Deep Creek

    Went fishing out of Deep Creek on Wednesday. Boat of 6 took 4 kings, largest was 35lbs), and 12 buts, largest was 53lbs. It was rough in the morning but settled down around 1030am. Had a good time.

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    Congrats on the productive outing in spite of the conditions. You're off to a great start.

    Did you use a charter service? If so, can you recommend these folks?

    Friends are coming for a visit in mid-July and they want to venture out for halibut. It's on me to make the reservations and I'm still checking out our options.

    Part of the problem is a little sticker shock. Seems like a trip will run about $225 to $250 per person. Seems like a lot of money for a boat ride and the opportunity to reel up the bottom of the ocean. I'm sure it's fun though.

    Anyway, from what I gather, the advantage of departing from Deep Creek is that you can get to the fishing grounds much faster than leaving from Homer or Seward. Also, the charters there frequently offer combo trips that include salmon.

    I've got access to the military resorts at Seward, but have heard that it takes three hours for those charters to get to the halibut area. That much travel time certainly would take a big chunk out of a fellow's fishing time.

    Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated...


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      Tomcat, the folks that I went with are booked almost solid from mid June until the end of July. I go with these folks every year. Angler's Lodge in Sterling. Great people. The last time I went last year, I caught at least 50, just kept releasing them. Most are in the 20 - 50 lb range but I've seen up to 225 lbs caught. They are in that price range also. If you need their number send me an email and I'll send it to you.


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        Thanks for the quick reply. It certainly seems like the charters fill up fast. Guess I better stop dragging my feet and book a trip soon.



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          Good to hear. I'll be down there next weekend for kings and halibut.


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            The Kasilof might be good for kings by then. Good luck.



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