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    well, my buddy and i made it to lake louise sunday and monday. slow fishing, and nothing big. we got one fish a peice over two solid days of fishing. my buddy got one sunday afternoon and i got one monday afternoon. both fish in the 18inch range. no big deal, we were planning on releasing everything anyways. i was surprised at just how big and intimidating the lake was. the topo map was nice, but it was still hard to figure out where we wanted to start fishing. the lakers their seem to have different patterns than alot of the other lakers i've caught in other lakes. maybe different prey patterns? i'll definately have to get the boat out there in the summer and learn some more about the lake. oh, and on a side note, the wolverine lodge was more than helpful, letting us throw our camper in their parking lot, and giving us a short walk from the bar back to the camper after a long day of fishing. lots of fun. tight lines folks.

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    Thanks for the report. Happy to hear the effort paid off with something.

    I usually fish around the islands just out from the campgrounds. There is no need to go real deep when the water is cold and stable, heck I usually start at 15' and work lines down the slope to 40' or so.

    When you do get out there in a boat watch carefully where people are traveling, especially the ones running fast. There are so many little ridges off of the islands that will flat take your lower unit if you don`t know where to be. I`ve had several close calls and used to fish it with my Dad all the time.

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      Did you get any where I took you? Did you move shallower and try in the same area?

      I hope you enjoyed the awesome weather!
      I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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        How much snow was on the lake? i'm planning on heading up there within the next couple weeks and i'd like to know what i'm getting myself into. Also where did you find a topo map for Louise?



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