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Lake Clark Information Needed.

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  • Lake Clark Information Needed.

    Does anyone have information on ice fishing Lake Clark? Information on an air taxi to there?

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    First off, wow, that's ambitious.

    You can take a wheel plane to Port Alsworth but from there, you would probably need to find a local connection regarding a snow go. I don't know of anyone on ski's that would drop you off anywhere else.

    I'm curious....why Lake Clark?


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      Try Lake Clark Air or Lake & Pen Air to get you from Anchorage to Port Alsworth. Not positive on LPA, but LCA flies most days during the winter between ANC and PTA.

      Will you be fishing Lake Clark or other lakes in the park? I did quite a bit of sampling on Lake Clark last summer and might be able to provide some ideas. Let me know what you're looking for.



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        I don't have anything specific, but there are some HUGE Northern Pike in that lake.
        "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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          The main reason that I'm so curious is definately to catch a trophy pike, and I guess that I was hoping that people regularly ice fished it, and knew of some good drop-off points. I was hoping that I could just get dropped off and live in my shanties for a few days. Are there better options or lakes to find a 30 lb pike? I'm all ears, and that's why I'm here. There's alot of knowledge passing through this particular forum.


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            Livin in a shanty on Lake Clark?....again, ambitious

            Big Lake, few people, cold, did I mention big lake?

            Try the Alsworth's out there....not sure how many other souls are even around this time of year...keep us posted.


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              I like this guy!!!!
              In it for the adventure!!!!

              Reminds me of my trip last weekend.


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                Definitely some nice pike in that lake. Lake trout, char, grayling, whitefish, and burbot as well (and several hundred tons of salmon carcasses this time of year). In the spring, summer & fall, the pike mainly hang out in Chulitna Bay across from Port Alsworth. I'm not sure about middle of winter, but if I were fishing late ice, I'd definitely try there first. As for living in your shanty, hope for calm winds. Lake Clark is 40 miles long, that's a pretty good fetch when the wind direction is just right. Lake Clark is an awesome lake and I feel very fortunate to get to spend time on it for work. But they can't pay me enough money to live on the water in a shanty for a few days

                I would say ice fishing pressure on that lake is very light. Mostly cause it doesn't ice up till January most years and isn't safe enough for travel until even later. And there just aren't that many people out there in the winter (or summer). It iced over in late December last month when we had that cold snap, but opened again with the thaw. I think Six Mile Lake at the lower end of Lake Clark is where the ice fishing action takes place - Nondalton residents subsistence fishing for rainbow trout and whitefish.

                The Farm, run by the Alsworths, might be the only lodging available to stay in this time of year. Better check ahead to make sure. There are three fishing lodges in Port Alsworth, but they're all shut down for the winter. One other option might be the Bunk House - new owners but their name slips my mind.

                If you really want to go for pike, wait till late spring / early summer and take your fly rod. It's a riot!



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                  Almost all of the lodging out there is currently being occupied (on a mid-term lease) by Northern Dynasty Mines / Anglo-American. This is the group that is doing the development of Pebble Mine.

                  Lodging may be very difficult to come by.


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                    Thanks so much for the replies, reality, and information. It sounds like it might be more hassle than its worth, during the winter, but I definately like the idea of heading out there for some fly fishing this summer. I'm going to shift my focus to areas north for my 50 incher.


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