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    A friend of mine is coming up this summer at the end of July and I need to find him some fish. I know some places on the little su that will produce some silvers, I hope the 2nd run of reds will be available on the Kenai. My question is should I spend the money to do a king charter on the kenai? Should I look at doing a flyout trip to the west side of the inlet? Would you suggest doing a combo halibut/salmon charter in Seward? Are there any places I may be missing close to Anchorage? Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Kenai sockeye should be in

    The 2nd Run reds will be a pretty sure thing that time of year on the Kenai. If they're not still coming in fresh at the lower river they will be in good numbers in the upper river / Russian confluence at that time of year. Of course this is all based upon historical returns - and not on a "no-show" run. Due to the historical numbers of 2nd run reds, I'd say this is the closest to a "sure-thing" that you can plan on.

    All of the other items you mentioned are viable, too. That's the great thing about Alaska - so many choices. It really depends upon what you want to chase, catch, and pay to do. Charters and fly-outs definitely cost more than a Russian River Ferry ticket. So, I might first figure out what you budget is for "playing" and then plan accordingly. A fly-out trip can yield a once-in-a-lifetime bush experience. Although, you will probably be flown to the same place that 20 other plane-loads of folks are going to. A Kenai King charter is a great way to see the river, but rod hours per fish can be quite high. A Homer or Seward halibut or combo charter is another great adventure. I tend to catch bigger halibut out of Homer, but I tend to get into more species of fish out of Seward. So, again, just make a plan according to what you think will be fun.

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll get a ton of responses to this question which will help you in your quest.


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      Good post KK

      I agree with the Kasilof Kid. 2 out of the last three years were a bust for late run sockeye, so keep you eyes and ears peeled for any sudden changes in regulations... emergency orders.

      Also, 2008 the halibut fishing reports were way better out of Seward than Homer. The Homer fish were smaller and you had to go further than before. The Seward reports were great. You may experience bigger water out of Seward however.

      Also, depending on the commercial fishing openings, the silvers can be hitting the Kenai and Kasilof pretty good during that last week of July/first week of August.

      The fly out is a good option. You will get to see how vast this country really is, but as already mentioned, depending on where you go, expect to be sharing your rock. There are some custom trips where you can get away from the typical crowd but, of course, it may cost significantly more.



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        I was looking at Talon air and the trip to wolverine creek but I assume it would be fairly crowded. Has anyone done this trip with good or bad things to say?

        Another spot I was thinking is Clear Creek, but I wasn't sure if it is too late for kings and too early for silvers in late July.


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