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  • Mirror Lake Ice fishing for kids

    The is supposed to be a Mirror Lake Ice fishing thing going on today. Does anyone know if it is still going on today with all the weather we have had??

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    Call Boondock Sporting Goods, as they're the sponsor.


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      As far as Boondocks knows, it's still a go. Apparently they're just a sponsor, though, and it's the Eagle River Lions Club that is actually organizing the event. I couldn't get ahold of anyone there, so I don't know the details.


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        Fishing Derby a Success

        Despite the warm spell, mixed with the rain, wind, and the expected slush on top of the ice, the Lions Club pressed on. Me and the boy got there a little after 1pm and there were lots of families out on the ice giving it a go. After dumping all of the bait in the hole, dropping the pole in twice, and attempting to eat someone's old handwarmer left on the ice, my boy hooked into one. Well, so to speak anyway, he's not even 2 yet! At any rate, he was excited all the same to see the fish, and hold it before letting it swim back down the hole! From what the guys with the record book were telling me, the largest recorded that day was 12 1/2". The bite was slow for Mirror Lake standards, but the kids were having a blast, and I think a lot of families have a new hobby to support!

        Next year the boy should be able to ice one solo, so I hope to be there again. Until then, he can continue to drop my equipment down the hole and watch me get skunked!

        Thanks to all who were involved in making this event happen. I was glad to see the turn-out and family involvement.
        Although some can call it Catchin', I still have to call it fishin'.


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