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  • Ice conditions

    How is the ice holding up in the valley / Chugiak area? With all the snow turning to mush looks like a better weekend for fishing than snowmachining. Is there a lot of overflow and melted snow/rain on top of the ice? I know there have only been a few days of warm weather, but are most lakes still OK to drive on? Was thinking about trying Finger Lake or some other valley lake. Let me know how competent the ice is.


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    i was out tues on big lake, plenty of ice still then. it was the first real day of warm weather, but i don't think it is unsafe. still lots of cars buzzing across the ice roads.


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      I wouldn't worry too much. You have to get all of the snow and ice and water off before you really can affect it much.
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        Going icefishing to day here in the valley any good news outthere?


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          I was out at Finger Lake last week when it was 45 degrees out....there was approx 30in of ice. No worries what so ever.

          Oh yah, the fishing was pretty good too around the island!


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            Was out today at a lake near big lake, near 30" of ice...Travel was very easy on the lake with glare ice and about 2" of snow on top of it, and there was about 2 extra inches of ice out there on top from the snow that melted and refroze. Fishing wasn't the greatest but i did manage a 24" rainbow.


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