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  • valley fishing report

    i've been hitting the hard water in the valley quite a bit recently.

    big lake- fished several times just trying to get an idea of how and where to fish, nothing caught so far. hooked one fish, think it was a pike

    marion- fishing has been slow, but caught a couple decent bows, and one char. nothing too big

    echo lake- hooked into several large fish, presumably char, but never got them up. tons of landlocks, and a few rainbows

    keplar bradly lakes- lots of stockers.

    canoe- nothing!!!!! saw one small rainbow caught. i guess the grayling just don't bite well in the winter

    seymor lake- not a single fish. fished it twice this year, and no bites yet

    diamond lake- this has been my best producing lake so far. lots of big landlocks, some really nice rainbows, and a couple char. find 15 feet of water, throw lots of shrimp and eggs at them, and hold on. this is a great lake to take the kids. the landlocked salmon keep it entertaining until the trout and char cruise by.

    fort rich lakes- pretty consistant with some above average stocked trout.

    hope this might help some of you. feel free to add your reports as well.

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    thanks for the update hog.....good luck if you make it out to Louise.
    pull my finger....


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      Headin' to Tigger Lake in Talkeetna tomorrow....heard the 'bows are still pretty agressive right now.


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        Ft Rich lakes?

        Hoghunter, which lakes do you hit on Ft Rich?
        My son likes to try Otter which we have minimal luck on and we do Clunie that is usually decent.
        Have you tried any of the other lakes?


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          i've always done well on clunie. the lake isn't real deep, so theres really only a couple of drop offs. get over those, and you'll get onto some fish. hillberg on elmendorf has some decent fish in it as well. thats a great lake to take the kids. green lake on elmendorf has some nice bows. otter lake has some really nice bows, and some pike too. pretty much all the lakes have some fish in them. figuring out the patterns on the lakes is the problem. for the stocked rainbows, fish around 10 to 15 feet.


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            I hit up Diamond Lake today with the girlfriend we hooked into about 15 rainbows today all in the 9-12 inch rain but they were all good looking fish, several were really dark instead of being the silvery color. It was a blast for her and me. I wanted to say Thank you because I would never have gone to that lake except for this post being from the peninsula I don't those valley lakes at all. Thanks Again



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              We just hit Christiansen Lake (Talkeetna) this afternoon and *SLAYED* the 'bows! Glow-in-the-dark jigs tipped with shrimp was the hot ticket....for a period of almost 2 hrs, we couldn't keep them off! Most were in the 12-13in. range with the biggest pushing 19". We were in approx 12 feet of water. I was surprised to see only 2 other folks on the lake the entire day. I'll definitely be returning!


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