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    i'm heading to lake louise this weekend with a buddy for some catch and release lake trout fishing. i've caught a ton of fish in the 12-18inch range at other lakes, but i'd love to hook into a nice one. i've never fished lake louise before, and would love some tips if you have any. also, i havn't been able to find a topo map of the lake. any idea where to find one? feel free to PM me if you don't want the whole world knowing. oh, and i've been fishing a ton in the valley over the last couple months, so i'll be posting a report of everything i've been doing lately. just don't want to be thought of as a "lurker"

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    Here's a map. It's not real detailed but it gives you the general idea. I've caught big lake trout as shallow as 5 or 6 feet and as deep as 70 through the ice. I usually start fishing shallow as it's easier and you can use smaller, lighter stuff. Be careful when you start drilling--it can be shallow for quite a ways from the shore and if you drill into the bottom, at the very least you'll dull your blade and at the worst you might put an inperceptable bend in your bit. If you bend your bit, you are not going to be drilling any holes until you get a new one.

    Spend enough time and you'll catch some nice fish. I've never been skunked there, though I have had some very slow days of one or two fish. I've also caught as many as 15 in a day.

    Treat 'em nice. If you aren't sure how to properly catch and release on ice say so and someone will give you some pointers. Good luck!
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