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Main Stream Gulkana Camping and Fishing

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  • Main Stream Gulkana Camping and Fishing

    How are the fishing and camping spots along the main stream of the Gulkana during June? Will be in Fairbanks for the summer doing some training to be a pipefitter/plumber. Trying to find things to do while there. Will be mainly fishing for kings, but any fish is welcome in my freezer. Thanks for any input.
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    Middle Lower river

    I like to break the river down in a couple fo different sections:

    Middle Lower River - Sourdough Landing down tot he RV park has ample gravel bars to camp on.

    RV Park down to Sailors Pit again lots of options

    Sailors pit down to the bridge IMO just a couple of good ones depending on the water level.

    Mostly rock limited soft sand the lower you get.

    Remember most of the land in that area is native and requires a user permit above the high water mark.

    You should be fine with a little research.


    Blue Moose


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      How much time off?

      Sounds like a great opportunity for you.

      Lots of possibilities. The link below lists features along the Richardson Hwy by milepost - including campgrounds/recreation areas. The MP 265-168 segment has brief descriptions for campgrounds at Paxson Lake and Sourdough Creek:

      If you get time for the Upper Gulkana, this is a pretty good thread - but the shortest trip mentioned is 3-5 days (in canoes):

      On the Upper, BLM has a good informational brochure, which includes campsites:

      Special rules apply to the segments designated Gulkana National Wild River. Not everyone likes the rules, but as much traffic as the Upper Gulkana sees each season, it's still amazingly pristine.

      If you're fishing for Kings, I think Moose will agree, you'll have company. Larry Bartlett penned a piece for FishAlaska - about the good fishing on the river, and also about other issues including growing pressure on the river - but refers mainly to the Lower Gulkana I believe:

      Kings appear early though - soon after ice out in June. Last year, I think we were the second raft (staging at Sourdough) to float down from Paxson Lake - and we saw a guided party land a couple of Kings as we reached the powered access sections. If you're planning a charter trip, esp for a weekend during your stay, now might be the time to get your deposit down.
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        Time off

        Blue Moose, I think you have raft rentals, I was on your site the other day. Great place. Do you rent motors with them? Was thinking about floating part of the river, but I will not have the time until sometime in August. Probably be sheep hunting by then. I have school from 8-5 Monday-Friday starting in early June for 9 weeks. Will be leaving for the slope next week for a grueling 12 weeks. Just trying to plan some things with the wife and kids to enjoy during the summer.
        "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir


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