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A day off, where to go?

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  • A day off, where to go?

    So the boss (okay, okay, the wife...) is gonna let me go run amuck this weekend. NO DOMESTIC DUTIES!!! I haven't fished much outside of Fairbanks (Birch, Chena and Quartz) and I am looking to get into something new. I have a snowmachine, sled, auger and loads of fishing stuff. Any thoughts? I would really dig some pike. i don't mind traveling about 3 hours or so. Has anyone ever ran out to Minto Flats in the winter? Worth it? I have a super crew and double place trailer if anyone thinks they might want to tag along...

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    Try George Lake, they have pike in there and it is about a 3 mile or so snowmachine ride to get in there. I think there is a pulloff down the ALCAN outside Delta a little ways.

    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.


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      Right on

      Right on, I have been looking at George lake. It sounds like a blast!


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        The trail into George crosses the Tanana. I heard a report today from some people trying to get in there to a cabin at the lake that the overflow on the Tanana was pretty bad. They were stuck in it for quite a while and said it wasn't passable. Be safe out there.


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