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    Well My brother and I are (ok...might) planning a trip to Nancy lake sometime this comeing spring. Its gonna be our first trip without MA and Pa.:cool:/:eek:.......(hes 16 im 17) and it will be my first trip to Nancy. I've always been into the "wild" than him so this is my attempt at getting him hooked:rolleyes:. He's more into the Xbox...... I already got the process started by taking him ice fishing on base where he landed a beautiful 16' rainbow trout with the most brilliant colors.(his first fish.) anyways... he had a blast and im trying to keep that interest.
    So the plan is this spring after the ice melts is for me to get out the 17' canoe that I saved up for this previous summer(pa prolly would have got it for me but its just more fulfilling this way.) and enough gear and food for 3-4 days and go to a lake "somewhere" where theres a pretty good chance at havin a little fun and "finding" some fish.

    Fish and game said theres the following fish in the lake

    Burbot, Coho (Silver) Salmon, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Sockeye (Red) Salmon
    Anyone get any of these out of there?

    I've heard of people pulling some pretty big pike out of there but never any news of any thing else.

    Darn... i wish i could get a chance to go and fish it once or twice befor i go and spend all my money on this trip. Anyone fill like drivin to nancy and tryin it out with me? I have a Auger that makes a 10 inch hole....and poles...bait......a huge ice house that can fit 6 people....oh! and a dual propane heater that makes it all warm and toasty!(i dont drink or i'd say FREE BEER and have all you fools biddin for a hahah i really do.... Any takers?

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    Well Those fish are in nancy, but primarily it has become a pike lake.
    Spring is a good time to catch them. Last spring I caught pike on almost every visit. If you want real wilderness though I would get a little ways away from nancy. I think that there are trails to other lakes in the area that will provide good fishing and get a little more wilderness.


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      Plan on catching pike, and yes there are some big ones in Nancy. However, the farther back you get on those trails into the other lakes the fishing just gets better.
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