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  • looking for recommendations for a trip

    Hello, I'm a new member and am looking for advice/recommendations for a fishing trip for me and my son (26 years old) for a ~3 day fishing trip. We would like to stay at a lodge and do both salmon and halibut fishing. We are considering the first or second week of August and are coming from the east coast (Maryland). We did a half day halibut fishing charter out of Icy Strait Point a couple years ago while on a cruise and had a wonderful time but would like more of the Alaska experience than one can get from a cruise ship. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Look into Kodiak.
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        For your goals of salmon and halibut, I would look at the Kenai Penninsula, Kodiak, or Prince of Wales. I read on here recently of a place on POW, Coffman Cove Adventures. Sounds like an awesome set up with some guided halibut, yet you get a do it yourself type trip as they have a smaller boat or two that is yours for the week. Salmon opportunities for sure, and some good stream fishing in the area as well. They provide you with a car as well. Just a really unique set up. I don't do the lodge thing myself, but I emailed them last week and was very impressed with the response. I will be taking my wife here for a week in the near future. If you will send me a pm (click on my name, then select private message), and provide me your email address, I will forward you the lengthly response I got from the lodge owner.

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          Before any good advice can be given, I'd suggest narrowing your search to a particular region of the state. At least pick SC or SE as there are so many great choices in each area.

          Also, define "lodge"... are you looking for a B&B in the middle of the city so the non-fishing folks have something to do, or do you want a remote experience where you hang out and tell fish stories all evening with 20 other folks, then sleep and fish all day? Is the lodge a floating one, or land based? A 12-guest yacht cruise with 3 sport boats in tow? What about 3 nights on a lighthouse in the middle of Frederick Sound with only 3-5 other "guests"/workers around?

          Decisions decisions... all you're going to get by asking such a vague question here is everyone's personal preference, which may or may not be what you're looking for.

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            a recommendation

            Hi John,
            For a first timer who's looking for a good lodge I would recommend Kingfisher in Sitka. Their rates are very competitive (even includes your fishing license, all filleting, vacuum packing, boxes, etc.), their accommodations very clean and comfortable and the food is better than most. Laurie


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              I stay in Wasilla at $129 a night. I fish with these guys $130 a day. Food is on your own, but most people don't eat $1000 a day.
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                Fishing Trip

                If you are looking for an "all inclusive" trip there are several in S E AK. Sitka has a number of lodges that do 3 days food fishing lodging and taking care of your catch. There are also a few very good ones out of Craig on POW island. Prices vary a lot, from around $1800 up to $3000 or more. There is some great fishing up in South Central, Kenai Peninsula and/or Valdez, but there they are more individual charters and lodging and less "packages". Some of the best charter captains in AK contribute to this board. Great fishing in AK is all about picking what you want and then matching that up with run timing as far as salmon. For Halibut the key is picking a good guide then catching decent weather so you can get out to them. Above all ask questions and then ask some more. After all its your money, make sure you're getting what you're paying for. If you would like to discuss specifics send me a PM.


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