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    New here to the valley area, and need advice on where to fish for kings off the bank, dont have access to a jet boat yet... (hopefully soon). I have fished alot on the Kenai Peninsula so I have the gear... But any advice would be appreciated. I also have a 10 year old son that would be with me...I heard that some kings have been trickling in mouth of Deshka, tailrace etc..?? Its TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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    In a couple of weeks

    Any of the Parks hwy streams offer good bank fishing for lots o fish. If you want to hike/bike into a good spot with not quite as much competition, there is a good trail near the Little Su boat launch at Pt. McKenzie. It takes off on the North side of the road just past the gate to the pay area. I can't remember the name of the trail right now but there is a sign (I think it is the "My creek" trail or something like that) and room for 4-5 cars to park next to a guard rail. I have hiked in and also have ridden my mtn. bike. It is a good trail with only one small stream to cross. It will take you to a nice hole on the river a couple miles up from the boat launch. There are a couple of tent sites and an outhouse there as well. There should be kings in that area already although probably not in big numbers yet.

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      Valley Kings

      Thanks, great info, but how about bears? :-) Is bait legal here yet? I appreciate the promptness too! :-)


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        I've heard the same thing about the Deska and the tailrace. Still a little early for these areas. Generally, the west side streams (deshka, Alexander creek....) will begin to heat up the first week of June, and the east side streams a week or so after that. I used to fish the little willow a lot, and it was always best from mid June on. I can give you info on some of my favorite fishing holes there if your interested.

        As for the bears, I'm running the river (Yetna) for the first time this weekend with the intention of working on the cabin and getting the bait stations set up. I'm sure they are out, but the river broke a little late this year and is being really slow to come up.


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          If you want to PM me with info that would be great too. I dont mind bears as long as I am in an area I can hunt them! :-)


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            If you don't have this for reference, here you go.


            Some where and when info.


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              3 rivers fly shop will give you some good advice there in Wasilla. That trail by the little su is a good one. Fish Willow only if you don't mind intense combat fishing. All the valley streams on the park highway side are pretty good. With the 10yr old maybe the Eklutna tailrace would be your best bet. I find there is more space there, no shoulder to shoulder fishing. People at the tailrace are more tolarant of kids too. Last time I was at willow a young boy was waiting to fish for a loonnggggg time and nobody would give him room. I was waiting for a spot in front to open up, when it did I asked the kid to come over gave it to him and went home. So try them all, and have fun. If you are at the tailrace look for a brownsfan, and I'l say hello!! Good luck.


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