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  • Thanks for the Whittier Advice

    Went out on Sunday to Whittier. I checked the forum here on Saturday to see how the fishing was doing down there. Someone mentioned copper vibrax in #5. I didn't even own copper, but went over and bought a few of them Saturday for the Sunday trip. I got up at 4:30 and hit the first tunnel opening over. There were only 3 of us fishing the small boat harbor at 6, and a few more joined around 7. There were a handful of jumpers, but nobody catching anything.

    About 7 I hooked my first fish, a nice bright silver about 7 pounds or so. Within twenty minutes I had a second fish on, this was a bit bigger, maybe 10 pounds. A couple people asked what I was using because nobody else had caught anything yet. Within a half hour of the second fish, I hooked my third, which turned out to be a huge fish. I have caught silvers in the 15-18 pound range, and this one definitely seemed bigger. All three fish caught on the same lure - copper vibrax #5. Nobody else in the cove caught a single fish before me. Eventually I saw one other fish caught. By 8 am it got pretty crowded where I was at, so I decided the three fish were enough for the day.

    There was a guy fishing next to me who kept getting really excited when I would hook a fish and would jump over with his net in hand to help get it landed. Very nice of him. When I left, I handed my lure off to him, hoping it would bring him some luck as well. Attached is a pic of the larger of the three fish I caught. At first I thought it was a leftover king, but as it turned out, it was a silver. Definitely some large fish there in Whittier.
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    Here is the pic

    The pic was too big, so I had to compress it in a zip file. Hope people can open this.
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    Never count your days, but rather, make all of your days count.


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      Good catch. Ever do any shrimping?


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        Copper not gold?

        I've never seen copper either?

        It wasn't just the solid gold one? (my sons favorite)

        This last week on the Kenai blue was the color

        I was fishing with a chartruese and orange vibrax ThursdayAM and hooked two fish in about 15 mins.........then they quit but my partner who was using blue slayed them all day

        talked to a guy at Ken's in Kenai while I was buying my BLUE vibrax and he said......."yeah they were hitting the chartruese and orange ones til yesterday but now blue is the color"

        do these fish all get a copy of a script or something??


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