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    Bringing extra fish home via checked baggage and additional checked baggage is still a viable option, but there are some new points in the game of fish checking to now consider:

    1. IDENTIFY YOUR BAG AS PERISHABLE Sometimes the smaller regional airlines will hold back excess baggage when the plane is overweight. Fish boxes noticibly get put on, but larger bags do not. Therefore, if you are checking a cago bag with a cooler in it, be sure and make up a sturdy tag on the outside that identifies that the cooler inside contains perishable fish. This is no guarantee, but most certainly it should help.

    2. RAISED RATES The major carriers into the Lower 48 now have different rates per excess checked bags. Investigate what these rates are and compare them with FED EX rates. If they come close, take the FED EX option due to guaranteed delivery.

    When I left Kodiak this week, 2 of our cargo bags with coolers were taken off due to size. Had I not had a personal contact with my regional carrier (Era) I could have lost 35 lbs of fish. Luckily, I made it, but I sure sweated it.

    Do your homework and plan ahead, learn by my grief and avoid yours...
    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"

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    Kodiak fishing

    How was the fishing? Can you provide a report on the rivers you fished.



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      Silvers in Kodiak...

      It's all on the current thread.

      About the only thing I would add is that the Buskin is a giant river in Kodiak's road system and there was plenty of room for anglers to work it without the crowds.

      Host Ron Eller of Beaver Creek Lodge worked well into the evening cutting and processing fish when his guests showed up with the extended limit of five per angler.

      The run is unbelivable...
      "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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        Another option.........US Mail

        I've mailed frozen fish (Express Mail) and it was totally reliable and pretty darn reasonable

        it's been a few years but it was around $1 a pound (I think they had a flat rate up to a 70# package so the closer you get to that 70# max the cheaper it is per pound)

        I've used cardboard boxes and I've also used coolers I've picked up at G-sales for next to nothing

        In all cases the fish was delivered to the door in less than 36 hours still frozen

        You need to check with the local post office to find out what time their express mail gets picked up otherwise it may sit there an extra 3 or 4 hours when it could still be in your freezer.......

        This week I'm express mailing a couple punds of cured roe to my son in Washington.......they get an arm and a leg for bait down there

        The things we do for our kids.........


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          Limits on checked fish?

          I've heard that some Canadian provinces—British Columbia, I think, for one—have limits on how much fish nonresidents can take out. Anyone have any experience with this?

          My wife and I put up somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds, usually closer to 50, of fish annually. Standing at the airport or at FedEx during the summer, I can't help but be amazed. . .


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            I don't know about limits in Canada though I do know Alaska has or is, instituting a fish box tax. Every fish box you take home you'll get taxed (or the lodge. Not to sure of the specifics but expect to see it next year.


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              Marcus....have fished within the last 5 years four Canadian provinces and they all only allow one days limit to be taken out with you. They can be pretty fanatic and you are supposed to have the fished packaged so each fillet could be identified with skin patch attached....



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                US Customs; Bringing fish back home...

                US Customs guys are real picky about your declaration of bringing foodstuffs (fish) back in. And yes, that post was correct. Canada allows for only one day limit on your return in the province of Quebec. Unknown about the rest of them, but my assumption is they might be the same.

                Conclusion? Canada is for the pleasure of catching and eating and not stocking up. Alaska is exactly the opposite.

                Ain't it great to be in the USA...

                "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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