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    Has anyone had any experience with Afishunt Charter out of Ninilchik? I have booked trips with them for June 2-7. They seemed to be decient people. Another question, I keep getting conflicting answers and I can't find it in the Alaska fishing regs. As far as limits I know Halibuts are 2 per day but can you keep fishing (catch and release) after you get you limit? The same for king salmon on the Kasilof River- (1) salmon per day. If I get lucky enough to catch one can I keep fish? I am NOT a meat hog I just want to catch fish and take pictures. I have been saving and looking foreword to this trip for many years and want to get the most out of it.

    Any help/tips would be appreciated.

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    Re: Charters

    "As far as limits I know Halibuts are 2 per day but can you keep fishing (catch and release) after you get you limit?"

    I would ask that same question to the charter operator and then hold them to it. I have found some charters that like the chicken farms (smaller fish) like to just grab a line and kill a fish just to get back to the dock after only a 2 hr charter because everyone caught their 2 fish.




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      The Kasilof used to be keep a king and you are done for the day. (2 years) I have not heard its changed so better check before you do it.


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        I answered this once before on the same thread ... but it seems to have disappeared.

        You are, by law, allowed to continue to catch-and-release after retaining your king (hatchery or wild on their given days) on the Kasilof


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          “...because we’re nice to the fish, releasing them ‘unharmed,’ we can receive both psychic dispensation and blessing. Needless to say, if you think about this relationship carefully, it’s not a comforting one, for it is a game of dominance followed by a cathartic pardons, which, as a nonfishing friend remarked, ‘is one of the hallmarks of an abusive relationship.’” —Ted Kersote :-(

          "It (catch-and-release) is a tool which enables managers to continue maximizing the opportunity to participate in recreational fisheries while reducing mortality to what can be termed 'catch-and-release mortality.' In this way, the economic value of recreational fishing is not jeopardized as the opportunity to participate is not reduced." — Doug Vincent-Lang, et al, "Mortality of coho salmon caught and released using sport tackle in the Little Susitna River, Alaska, 1992"


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            About Afishhunt Charters

            I had experience with Afishhunt Charters 3 years ago. I fished a kingsalmon in Kasilof River and halibuts. This chaters was a family running, and the captain was a nice guy. I can remember he had been very patient to oar while I and my friends were fishing in Kasilof. He also operated his boat well, so we could catch bag-limit halibuts.
            I wrote down my experience in my web-site,please refer to it.
            It has a English version also.

            Hello everyone, I post a mail after one year.


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              I have fished with AFISHUNT every year for the past three and have nothing but good things to say. The captains are experienced and very patient. They do their best to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Just give them and mother nature a break if "stuff" happens. Trying to make a bad situation good can make or break any experience. Hope this helps...

              Happy fishing...


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                Kasilof fishing

                OK, Bob, we were both correct but I was a little behind and I am now updated on the Kasilof. Thanks.
                "During the 2005 Alaska Board of Fisheries meetings, the regulations changed to allow angler to keep fishing in the Kasilof River after retaining a king salmon. The regulation which prohibited anglers from fishing in the Kasilof River after retaining a king was in the 2004 regulations books but was removed for the 2005 and following seasons.

                I hope I cleared up your questions, if not, please drop me a line.

                On another note, both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers king fishing is below average right now if not down right slow at times. With the spike in temps right now, we should see an increase in angler success within one week."
                -GP-(Mr. Geoarge Pappas, the area biologist for that area.


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                  halibut limits

                  I'm 99% sure that after you get your legal limit for halibut that you can no longer fish for them, even catch and release. That does not mean, though, that all charters will enforce it.


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