Best Book on Alaska Fishing???



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  • Best Book on Alaska Fishing???

    OK - so if you're going to tell someone just one book to get about fishing Alaska, what would it be?

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    Fishing in Alaska by Gunnar Pedersen and some other guy; don't remember the name and the book's packed to move now....very informative.


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      I think the other guy's name is something like Rene Limeres?


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        Okay...Found it....


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          The book is out of print right?


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            Yeah, looks like it is. Good info if you can find one though.


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              Alaska fishing books

              I have read most of the books, and find these to be the most comprehensive.

              Alaska Fishing
              Limeres & Pedersen

              Flyfishers Guide to Alaska
              Scott Haugen

              Alaska Rainbows
              Larry Tullis

              For the first timer I would recommend.
              Alaska Fishing on a Budget
              Bernard Rosenberg (aka Alaskan Author)
              I believe he also has a book
              coming out soon on fishing the Kodiak Road system


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                Fishing books

                The "Alaska Fishing" book is still available in 3rd edition. You can go to the book / video store on this web site and order.


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                  The Highway Angler

                  I have this book, it is a "no fluff" book about road system accessable fisheries all over the state. Gives info about conditions, species that inhabit the waters, access, and generic info about baits/lures. Very good resource for down to earth info.

                  Here is a link to some AK fishing books at including "The Highway Angler".

                  The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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                    Highway Angler

                    Bingo!! The Highway Angler has helped me catch more fish than I would have ever imagined when I first purchased the book about 10 years ago.

                    Everyone fisherman/woman needs one.


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                      Yup, Highway Angler is good too...I'd rank it second to the Pedersen and Limeres book.


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                        Kodiak Fishing At Any Angle

                        Thanks for the plug about helping the first-timer with Alaska Fishing on a Budget.

                        The Kodiak book is now enroute to my US Customs broker from China and will be out this fall. This site will have it and our webmaster will launch it on Outdoors Directory.

                        I was fortunate to have some early copies to bring to Kodiak last week during my scheduled silver salmon fishery and it was very well recieved. Matter of fact, when I showed up at the B&B Bar (the island's fisherman's and crabber's watering hole) the ownder so was so thrilled that she bought a round for the entire house. It was hilarious!

                        Glad to bring it your way...

                        "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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                          Fishing Alaska

                          Highway Angler
                          Living the Alaskan Dream
                          Gary Keller
                          Anchorage, AK


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                            Highway Angler, used it last may. Very helpful.


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                              Thanks Guys!

                              Thank you all for endorsing The Highway Angler and Alaska Fishing as your books of choice. This is quite an honor.

                              Good luck and see you on the water!

                              Gunnar Pedersen


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