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  • First time fishing hole?

    I'm looking for a place to take my step-son fishing. He has not had the oppotunity to fish in Alaska yet and I would like to take his someplace he can fish but not get anyones way, being as it is his fiirst time. He's 16 so any place anybody could recomend would be great. We live in Palmer so the Mat Su area would be best. Any kind of fish is fine, just want him to have good chance at catching some. thanks.

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    Willow Creek, Montana Creek, or most of the other Susitna drainage. I'm not sure if there's still silvers in there, but if not, should be trout. If you're up for a bit of a road trip, the Delta Clearwater near Delta Junction is great great catch and release fishing for spawning silvers this time of year.


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      If you have a boat, Lake Lucille in Wasilla beleive it or not has some real nice trout in there.


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        This might be outdated, but 2 weeks ago we caught lots of fresh pinks at the riverwalk behind the welcome center in Soldotna. It's a ways for you to drive but would be worth the time for that type of action. Plus the scenery isn't all that bad either. I had a blast with a 5 weight and coho flies.


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          kelper bradley lakes.
          Living the Alaskan Dream
          Gary Keller
          Anchorage, AK


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            trout in the valley

            Contact me I will take you out put him in a boat where if he holds his mouth right he can catch some nice trout. You will have to be blindfolded to get there so you don 't know where you are we wouldn't want the world there.


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