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  • Quartz Lake Status...

    Wondering if anyone has been out there recently. Is the ice back enough to fish, or would it be a waste of time to go down there this weekend? Thanks for any help. Also, for breakup trout fishin', what is the best tactics for catching both fryers, and lunkers. Thanks again...

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    I was out there last week...Monday-Wednesday. We ice fished and it was still two feet thick. No room to fish on the edges. On Monday we stepped right on to the ice but by Wednesday it took hip boots. I figure by now it should be about right for fishing the edges.


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      so no chance of boating on memorial day eh? how about a float tube, enough room for that?


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        A friend went out today and said the ice is off the shore by 75-100 feet. So its going fast I was there last week and it has move alot since then.


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          Once the lake ice gets in that condition one or two days of fair amount of wind and the ice breaks itself up and is gone. Don't write off Memorial day just yet.


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            thanks for the continuing lake updates - anyone have info on the second part of AZ's post?
            Also, for breakup trout fishin', what is the best tactics for catching both fryers, and lunkers. Thanks again...


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              I went to Quartz on Saturday. Ice was back about 300 yards from the boat ramp. Plenty of room for boatin'. Trolling would probably do awsome. Only caught a few fish considering I had my two month old son on his first fishin' trip. Fishin' trips aren't as easy as they used to be, still an awsome experience though. I used shrimp for bait...with a 18 in. leader, swivel, and a couple split shots four inches above the swivel. Flies would probably do good. Getting to some of the points where rocks are would probably be a good place to go too. Does anyone know where to get a topo of Quartz. Would make deciding where to fish a lot easier. Thanks... Going to the Deshka this coming weekend for trout...hope it's good...

              Happy fishing...


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                Thanks for the info ---- my little ones are looking forward to some fresh bows! Good luck at the big D.

                Any other expert advice on how or where to pull 'em from Quartz? Be nice to get some char too if anyone has tips for me.



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                  Quartz Lake Topo

                  We used to be able to get the topo maps of all the interior lakes at the ADFW office on College Road in Fairbanks. You might give them a call on Tuesday.

                  The News Miner reported today that the ice was off Quartz, Harding and Birch Lakes.

                  Wish I could get out there this weekend.



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                    Quartz is open! Made it all the way to my cabin! The lake is super low, the lowest I have ever seen in my 24 years and my grandfathers 43 years. But its open and fishin is going great! The lot was packed this whole weekend. Enjoy everyone!


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                      some tips for quartz when it warms up a bit (july-sept)
                      light weight line (4-8lb with 10-12lb leader if going for the big ones)
                      bait: Powerbait works very well (rainbow has shown very good results), Pink or Red salmon eggs work great as well. Small mepps spinners on sunny days with pink or red tail) if using eggs or powerbait use small split shots about 9'' above leader slowly let the line drop down about 6-8ft while bobbing the pole every few minutes.

                      Map of the lake

                      and my personal map of where I fish (we had a few great days of 50+ fish in under 6 hours with 4 people on the boat)


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