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Kasilof Weir Counter?

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  • Kasilof Weir Counter?

    Is there a weir count on the Kasilof River. If so where could I find this information.

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    At your fingertips...

    Keyword search "Kasilof River Weir" and the data awaits you...
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      No, there is no online/posted weir count for kings on the Kasilof. My buddy runs the project. The comm fish guys will run a sonar for sockeye, but that's it.


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        The weir counts don't help fishermen because it takes a long time for the fish to pass the weir. Those fish moving through the weir exited the fishery several weeks ago and isn't really useful for trying to figure out if fishing is hot or not. The best indication is from angler fishing reports.


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          Kasilof Kings

          Thanks for the info, I E-mailed the guy that runs the weir project. He said he hasn't seen any kings come through yet. He did say that approximately 200 steelhead have migrated throught there.


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            The Kasilof king weir (first run kings) is located well upstream on Crooked Creek and basically the in-river fishery is over when the slug of fish hits that weir. date depends much upon water levels but usually the big push of fish out of the Kasilof into the creek itself happens around the end of the second week of June. Fish that enter the river after that time tend to spend less time in the river and head more straight for the creek.

            The sockeye count takes pace at the Sterling Bridge and that counter usually comes online around the 20th of June and runs through early August.


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