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  • Petersburg fishing report

    I got a lot of help from some folks on this forum, and promised a report when I returned. We had a great time and caught fish. The reports were grim when we got to town, as the cannery workers and commercial fishermen told us the silvers were late and afraid of an overall weak run. We boated out to our cabin, and with each high tide, brought a new slug of bright silvers. Fishing was not hot, but with work, we caught plenty of fish. We were investigated each day by bears, wanting our fish, and had a great time with the resident cutts and dollies. We did well on crab and did catch one halibut. We had a great adventure, and are already planning our trip next year. Thanks for all your help.

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    Got back 9/2 from Sitka myself and am planning a Petersburg trip for next year and would love to get a few more details if you don't mind. Sounds like my trips are like yours- boating to a cabin and saltwater fishing.



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      Would be happy to help any way I can. Have you ever been to PSG? We rented boats from Green Rocks Lodge. They offer unguided fishing from their lodge. It was closed, so we just rented the boats, but the owner and partner were VERY helpful in getting us to/from airport, getting us geared up. I would highly recommend them if you are needing boats and/or gear. If you are interested I can send the info. Not having stayed at the lodge, it seem nice from their website. Visit
      Not sure what type of accomodations you are looking for. If you decide to go, Ill give you the name and number of a guy who helped us. He'll set you up.


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        S.E. Alaska fishing

        I also went to Sitka this year (for the fourth time/8th year in a row to alaska). We had a great trip but the weather made us work for our fish. I am going over my options looking forward to next year. There is so much opportunity in Alaska it makes it hard to decide. This cabin deal sounds interesting. Derek, is this something you have done much of ? I would be interested in hearing more about renting cabins and self or semi-guided trips. My biggest problem with going to Alaska is getting people to go with me. I have friends with time and no money and other friends with money and no time!?!?


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          Hey Alan-
          Yeah, the rain in Sitka (8/23-9/2) was pretty brutal. However, we were fortunate to have the shelter of the largest cabin in the Tongass National Forest (Forest Service Cabin). I have stayed at 4 of these cabins now and have acquired a lot of information that would be useful to someone considering this type of trip. Among several positive aspects are the cost, independence and (usually) remoteness. A negative is the extra logistics that have to be dealt with in preparation for and during the trip. Basically, doing it yourself saves money but takes up more time and energy. I am strongly considering Green Rocks Lodge mentioned previously by Resource11 as they provide everything but a guide for only $1,600 pp/wk. I compared that price to the approximate cost for everything that is included on a 3 person cabin trip and concluded that the Lodge is only $700 pp/wk more than the cabin trip. Whether comfort/convenience is worth $700 is really an individual thing. Anyway, feel free to call and I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions you have about cabins (and probably ask you a bunch, too). w: 510-231-1875 c 925-285-2680.


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            Fishing PSG

            Derek, I spoke to Harper from Green Rocks and he says you called. I told him he owed me a finders fee. Hope it all works out for you next year. I think we are going to do the same trip as this year, maybe with a few more guys. Do it ourselves and take a few more days. Hopefully get into more halibut. Which FS cabins have you stayed at??


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              Resource11- I am mailing in my deposit to Tim Harper today for next June. He did seem very accomodating which is important when there will be so much interaction, unlike a Forest Service Cabin trip where you only deal with the guys you wanted to go with. Thanks for the tip. As far as Forest Service Cabins, I have stayed at Lake Alexander on Admiralty, Karta River north of Ketchikan, Piper Island 30 miles north of Sitka and Allan Point 15 miles north of Sitka. If you are going with a larger group and plan to focus on saltwater fishing, look hard at Allan Point. Since you've been to other cabins, you'll be amazed at the spaciousness of that one. I'd be happy to give you a full rundown on all or any of these cabins.



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                Derek, we are intrigued by the Karta river system. PM me with the details if you dont mind. Also would be interested to hear Allan Point. Were you after silvers? We do like the combo of having freshwater river fishing and salt/halibut opportunities. Thanks for the tip.


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                  Resource 11: A group of 4 of us went to the Karta River Cabin in July, 2000. We caught the tail end of the Sockeye run; the first two weeks would probably be best. Some Coho started showing and I'd guess by Mid August the fishing would be outstanding. Met some old timers at the Karta lake cabin who go every year to harvest and smoke tons of Sockeye. There is a good trail from the cabin we stayed at (the mouth of Karta) about 2 miles along the length of the river to the lake. Aside from the obvious holes (the best being about 1/4 mile from the lake), find the spot where tidewater meets fresh water and you will find tons of fish. That should be within a half mile of the cabin. Huge tides ifo the cabin but you can "Indian Anchor" fairly easily. Expect people; some will anchor a boat ifo the cabin and hike the river. Good hiking for at least 5 miles past Salmon lake which is beautiful. Didn't catch fish in the lake but caught some 14-15" rainbows in the little creek that feeds it. Good crabbing, but no luck with Halibut with a light effort. Overall, a great choice and the cabin is therefore tough to reserve. Allan point is great- the cabin is huge. Six of us with tons of gear were very comfortable. Late August was early for Coho in the Nakwasina river (1.5 miles by boat). Decent crabbing off the mouth of the river. The creek next to the cabin was loaded with Chum 24/7 which was neat to watch. We did most of our fishing at local spots which were an hour away going 20-25 knots although we did catch a 30# King at the southern entrance to Nakwasina Sound. The proximity to Sitka enabled us to offload Coho for processing and to resupply with ice and some groceries, like beer. That was essential (the ice) to ensure that we had frozen Herring for the entire 7 day trip. If you have any questions, feel free to call me: w: 510-231-1875.


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