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  • Bringing fish home?

    First timer to Alaska for some fishing in rivers and maybe a halibut outing. Wondering how best to bring down fish that we catch from Alaska to Seattle, via Alaska Airlines. Should I bring up an ice box and catch/freeze and process up there or should I buy one up there and bring back the processed fish? Any suggestions. Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to bring tasty fish back? Thanks for your help.

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    Most of the supermarkets here have fish boxes you can buy up here....they have waxed boxes and ones with styrofoam inside. You shouldn't have any problem flying to Seattle with either one....they go through the airport by the thousands up here.



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      This is what i did when i took fish back to my parents and it lasted for 14hrs. Just take a cooler and place all your fish on the bottom. then put a layer of newspaper then one block of dry ice on top. It will stay cold for around two days. Just remember to leave the cooler drain plug open if you duct tape the cooler shut


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        Where can a person buy dry ice in Anchorage and what is the average cost? Never tried the stuff, but sounds like a good way to go.


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          you can get it at almost all grocery stores. Its around 1.19lb. Last time i bought a block it came out to around $17. But they can break it up for you.


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