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  • Fish Insides?

    I brought home a silver from the Kenai today that when I opened it there was a lot of liquid inside and it looked like there was a bunch of spaghetti or stringy stuff inside. It didn't look normal to me. Does anyone know what this is? thanks

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    It's a type of tapeworm. This summer, I've caught surprising number of silvers and reds that were infected.

    I asked the same question on this board recently. Evidently, the fish are perfectly safe to eat as long as they are properly frozen and/or cooked.

    Regardless, it's a rather horrific sight for an unsuspecting angler.


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      It seemed about 70% of the reds and half of the silvers/kings that I caught or helped to clean this year had the parasites. My wife had a church gathering earlier this summer and one of her friends served sushi. Within an hour my Wife was suffering strong, piercing, abdominal pains and a feeling of weakness. Apparently the friend had only frozen the reds for maybe two days in the kitchen refrigerator freezer compartment. Medication cleared it up immediately of course.

      Freezing will make them safe, as others have pointed out, just make sure it's thorough freezing in an actuall freezer. We set ours at around -20F and leave the fish in there for at least a week if it's reds intended for sushi.

      If your interested one of the forum members posted more information and some interesting links in another thread a few weeks ago. It was very good reading and pointed out how lucky we are not to have some of the more exotic parasites in our waters


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        canine salmon poisoning

        on the west coast (cal & oregon) salmon carry an organism called rickettsia that will flat-out kill dogs that even lick up blood on the rocks. it can be fatal overnight!!
        we eat lots of sushi/sashimi, but only feeder king and specific parts of small halibut, the cheeks and the meat along the fins.
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