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Kenai Bow Locations?

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  • Kenai Bow Locations?

    We are looking to take out the 13' Avon Rainbow fishing, probably the Kenai. Not real sure where abouts to go on the river, where a decent float would be (where there are some rainbows/dollies, but we will stay afloat) because we aren't very familiar with the Kenai. Any help would be awesome, Thanks

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    Rainbows on the Kenai..

    Put in at Skilak lake and motor down to the river. THERE IS A VERY LARGE ROCK JUST UNDER THE SURFACE AT THE MOUTH, so be careful. There is several places you can drift for rainbows and you will other boats doing the same. If you have a map send me a PM and I can give you more specific spots. Good luck!

    PS- Skilak lake can get nasty so pay attention to weather conditions and if the lake is too rough then you can get out at bings landing and bum a ride back to your car, or just put in there in the first place and motor up.


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      Sper - I'd take a different approach. Put in at Kenai Lake (it's closer to home) and drift all the way down to Jim's Landing. It's a very scenic float, no motors allowed, and has phenomenal trout fishing. I find that it's a lot nicer float and fishing than the lower river below Skilak.



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        Upper river drift....

        The upper river is really neat but can be difficult to navigate with a boat not designed for drifting. Depending on you experience level it is possible but since you have a motor and the river below Skilak will work and the fishing is great, plenty of guides fish that stretch. If you come accross a place that holds fish, run back up and fish it again. The river is large and easy to navigate, just watch for the shallow spots. The more you go the easier it will get. Send me a PM....


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