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Silvers still in mat-su?

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  • Silvers still in mat-su?

    Im planing on going on a fishing trip this weekend lookoing for a genral location, I figured we would head twards Talkeetna. Gotta love the rain

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    Sheep & Caswell Creeks -- slow silver day

    Spent much of the day at Sheep Creek and Caswell Creek along the Parks Hwy today (9/3/06). The weather was incredible, but fishing was slow. Saw one silver (blushed) caught at Sheep, and my wife caught one (reddish), but that was it. Tossed vibrax. She caught hers on orange. Note that Parks Hwy regs restrict salmon fishing to single hook now (no bait) -- we were pleased to note that nearly everyone else we encountered (not many, but still) appeared to know about this new regulation (from Sept 1).

    Caswell Creek was VERY slow. Saw one fish caught down the river from the mouth, but there was virtually nothing in the creek itself. Water levels appear down to "normal" and water clarity is "normal" tea-colored at Caswell -- only a couple patrolling Silvers seen at Caswell during the couple hours we were there.

    May hit Eklutna Tailrace on Monday morning for fun. Any advice for that site? I've never had much luck there, but it's closer to home...


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      So how was Eklutna Tailrace. I was thinking about heading out there this week


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        Silvers - tailrace

        I went to the tailrace on Monday AM (4 Sep). It was slow with not too many people. There were a few rollers but I couldn't see if they were blushed or not. I didn't see any caught but I only stayed about 30 minutes. The water appears to be at normal levels.


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