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    Pike Fishing incident

    My brother and Dad were fishing with me on a fly-in pike fishing trip. My brother threw his dare-devil spoon too far and it landed in some brush at the shore line. He yanked back and that 2 ounce spoon hit me on the side of my bicept going about 50 mph. Two hooks of the treble hook had buried in my skin. My dad used needle nose pliers to push the barbed hooks all the way through the skin. Then we managed to bend and break off the barbs and remove the hook/lure. I was about 15 at the time and it was a painful experience. I'm always leary about fisherman when I'm king fishing. I recommend safety glasses as a minimum.

    Another time, I had foul hooked a king. A kind gentlemen reached over with a pair of pliers to release the #6 vibrax from the fishes dorsal. The fish had other plans and took off. The lure flung back and once again, 2 of the 3 hooks on the treble buried in this guys hand. We cut the line and he took off for the hospital. My friend and I offered to help remove the hook but he wasn't into that.


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      ship creek

      last week of July this year. just as my brother and I arrived at The Bridge to park and fish, parmedics were loading an approx. 12 year old with a hook deep in his eye. his friend was distraught. apparently it was his hook that got his friend. the next day, the same paramedic was there and he said the boy had lost his eye to the injury. maybe you can find that story from parameds who respond to ship creek.


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        Treble Trouble

        Funny that this string started the day we headed down to Valdez to hit up the salmon run. I'm not a real good story teller but heres the basics.

        We were fishing off Allison point Sat. morning. A couple buddies already had some fish on a stringer. I hooked into my first silver. Gave a good tug to set the hook then started reeling it in. There was pretty desent tension on the line as I attempted to bring it in closer. About 5 ft off shore that fish decided it was tired of hanging on to my hook. That 7/8 oz. pixie hit my hand like fast pitch to first base. One look at it and i knew i was going to need some professional help to get it out. Long story short the staff at the Valdez Emergency Room were very nice, and I was back on the beach in under an hour. We pulled in 25 silvers over the next two days. So it wasnt all that bad.


        Almost out

        Didnt lose this one


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          Hooked in the face

          Happened to me a couple of years ago. Took my brother-in-law and his buddy out with me to Pony Cove (Seward) to mooch for silvers. Had to go through several fog banks to get there, so it was slow going. As soon as we go there, we started mooching with herring under a 4-oz banana weight. I got one on right away. Was reeling it in when the hook came out and here came flying through the air a bright orange weight with a new/sharp red Gamakatsu (sp?) hook. I turned away and felt the weight hit my face. Smarted a bit. Turned to face my buddies and saw that their jaws had dropped to the deck. I looked down to see the weight dangling from the line that was attached to the hook that was embeded in my face, just a couple of inches from my eye. One of the guys said to just pull it out. No way. So he started to cut the line near the hook. His knife was super dull, so here he starts with the sawing action....back and forth, back and forth. Finally gets through the line. Then they both got fish on (their rods had been hanging in the water all this time) and seems like they forgot about me (priorities, you understand). So I netted both fish for them. They reluctantly suggest I go in and have the hook removed. Well, we'd gone all the way out there, the fishing was hot, and I figured I could live with a hook in my face for a while and see how it went. Bottom line is that we fished until late that afternoon and limited out on silvers. I hadn't looked at the hook all day. Was a little afraid of what I'd see. Yep, just the shank sticking out and you could see a raised area where the hook was trying to poke back out.

          Went to the emergency room in Seward to have it taken out. It took one doctor (female) and 2 nurses (female) to get it out. They weren't able to push it on through, so they cut a hole where the barb was trying to come through and then pushed the barb through. The doctor and one of the nurses then tried to cut through the hook and just couldn't do it. I offered to try, but they refused. Finally the doctor tells one of the nurses to go out to the shed and find a pair of bolt cutters! While she was out looking for them, the other nurse, who had a "sturdy" build, decided to give it a try. Cut right through the hook with no problems. The hospital gave me a free t-shirt that said Hooked and Released at Providence Hospital (or some such wording). Seems they give out quite a few of those things. The worst part of the entire ordeal was that when I returned to my buddies, they still hadn't finished cleaning the boat or the fish! I have a picture if the author cares to see/use it. Scott


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            Hooked by a Pixie

            Shortly after arriving in Alaska over 30 years ago, and not yet wary of what salmon tackle can do, I was fishing with my wife on the Kenai below the Russian during the Red run. I had a 7/8 oz. Pixie and foul hooked a big red in the dorsal fin. It decided to take off down river and I must have had 100 yds of line out. It was headed into some fast water and I couldn't chase after it so I yarded straight back on the rod. The line came completely out of the water just when the fish rolled. I saw the Pixie in his dorsal fin out of the water, then it popped free and free of the water, came back at me like a rocket! Amazing how much energy monofilament line has when you have a lot of line out and it's stretched good! I wasn't able to duck even though I saw it coming. The Pixie about knocked me out hitting me in the forehead just over the eyes and embedded a hook real good. I had glasses on but not the safety lense type I now wear. Anyway, I wasn't going to let anyone see me with this thing dangling from my forehead (we were actually alone on the Kenai!) so my wife helped me work it out after lots of pain and blood. Went back to fishing after that but figured I didn't have the right gear for Reds so gave up after the bleeding stopped.


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              years ago my 2 older brothers were walking along wasilla creek, the older brother had his fishing pole pointed behind him. Of course the younger brother is behind. The hook comes lose from the pole eye, swings strait back into the younger brother's lower lip. The older brother thinks he has a stick so he just pulls harder. younger brother all the while trying to yell older brothers name. funniest sounds i ever heard come from younger brother. i am still giggeling now 30 years later. Dad just pushed hook through lower lip and cuts off the barb. no need to doctor bill for that dad said. lol still laughing at brother.


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                a few stories

                Well first when i was about 11 my dad would drop me off at the local bass ponds when he went to work. well one day i was doing a flipping motion with a five foot long spinning rod (dont ask me why) and hooked my self in the back of the neck. I had my friend again 13 years old try and pull the hook out, that did not work so we cut the line and kept on fishin until my dad came and picked me up a few hours later. i had to go to the E R because we could not pinch the barb and back it out.

                Again when i was about 8 me and my dad went fishing at a lake about 1 hour from home. we had just got there and could see a bunch of fish in the lake. when i would cast it would make a big splash and scare the fish. so my dad showed me the side cast. BAD IDEA.. well he was to my right and i was right handed so i side casted as hard as i could and set the hook with a rapala floating lure with 2 treble hooks. i got him right in the side fat above the belt. I have not been that scared in a while. he was not mad at me and blamed himself.

                here is the best one. partly because it happened to someone else. my two friends went down to ship creek during king season and were fishing. well across the river at high tide this guy hooked up. well the line snapped and you can here 30 +pound line snap and it came back and hit him in the eye. He was SCREAMING and NO ONE around him moved to help him. they just kept on fishing. poor guy.. haha that must have hurt

                thats all for now
                NRA life Member JVJ


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                  With al of these stories, I hope some people take home some advice. Always wear glasses while fishing. You still might get hooked, but you probably won't loose an eye.

                  Also, I have heard of a hook removal technique that is relativly painless (haven't had to try it yet).

                  Here is the new way

                  I have seen an instructional video on this, it seemed to work well. He used a pig arm or chunk of meat with the skin on it. Hooks would come right out, even treble hooks. He even hooked himself and pulled the hook out without a whimper. I think this site has been posted before, but here is too the ones who missed it.

                  Here is a link to the other options, they look like they hurt more.


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