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  • Anyone have a Kenai Silver/Rainbow update

    My lovely Wife and I are heading up from texas for two weeks in the Kenai area.. We have been trying to see any recent reports from the Kenai, but really havent found what were looking for..

    Trying to see what the silver bite is doing and what everyone is using.. We prefer spinners and such to bait, but if it takes bait, we will use it.

    Also will be doing some fly fishing for bows...

    Any help on whats going on right now would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, saw a report on calm sea's out of homer.. Should we go strait to homer if the sea state is calm and fish for halibut off a charter at the beginning of the trip, or go later in the trip etc

    Thanks for everyones help


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    Homer and more. . .

    Weather can be dicey this time of year. If you get a calm day, head for Homer. Still lots of pinks clogging the Kenai. . .


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      The Kasilof had good silvers last week.

      Heard that 91,000 fish entered the Kenai Monday. Reds and pinks, with some silvers too.

      I fished out of Homer last Saturday with decent results. I agree, if it looks calm, go halibut fishing. It got a little choppy as the tide chnaged, but laid back down shortly thereafter.


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        Silvers on the Kenai

        Silver fishing on the Kenai has slowed considerably over the last week. This is the normally expected time between runs (if you believe that there are two distinct runs on the silvers... much debate). However, with all other runs being 2 weeks late, this break in the run is expected, just later... things should be picking back up very soon.

        Hardware seems to be working fine, but is more prone to catching the pinks..they attack anything that moves. The catching is much slower on bait, but the percentages of silvers is much higher. If you can avoid the slower water, it is much easier to avoid the pinks.

        The rainbow fishing is good and getting better every day.

        Still, I agree with the previous posts... if you get a good day on the Inlet,,, jump at the oportunity.

        good luck


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          91,000 Reds on Monday?


          I think that the person you heard that from was reading the Crescent River Cumulative count (92,464). The Kenai count has been quickly dwindling down to a little less than 7,000 yesterday.


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