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    This is our fourth trip to AK. We are coming the last week of Aug thru first week Sept. We have made he same trip every year. We rent a motorhome in Anchorage and fish Kenai River, Valdez Harbor, and over to Talkeetna area rivers. We're looking for a different road accessible fishing route this year. Any suggestions? We go for Silvers and Rainbows. We have considered taking the ferry to Cordova, but don't hear anything about the fising there. Is there any Salmon fishing north of Talkeetna? Would there be Silvers in Kodiak in late Aug?
    Thanks For your comment. Steve

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    Rf Iv

    We've been talking about trying Valdez. Would be curious about your experience. Charters, bank fishing, from dock, etc. Also as that appears to be the peak of the silver run in that area how are the crowds


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      Mining Kodiak's Silvers...

      Your concept is excellent, but your timing is not suited for the best silver opportunities along Kodiak's Road System. The roadways are very close to the bays, and ADF&G does not open up easements upstream from bridges until September 15th. These areas are major players for silvers, and your date would be too early.

      Downstream from bridges to bays is open, but is limited in area and easement.
      Bays are open (of course) and there is silver fishing direct from the shore.

      My suggestion would be to stage this excellent adventure in conjunction with
      total stream opportunity. I've been there before, and I'm returning this season at mid-September. This fishery will knock your socks off and there is silver treasure all over the place...
      "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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