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  • Who's headed out this weekend

    With hunting season starting I just wanted to see who's headed out fishing. I will be in Homer this weekend taking the boat out one last time before I put it up for the season.
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

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    Putting up the boat? It's still summertime man!
    "Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile." - Homer, Odyssey


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      I am headed out to do some fishing. Will probably be hitting the beach areas of Seward. I am thinking of taking my kayak down there too and roam around the bay a bit.
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        Originally posted by Ripface View Post
        Putting up the boat? It's still summertime man!

        Yeah, I got a river boat to that I will be using for hunting moose and ducks so there will be no time for the big boat.
        Living the Alaskan Dream
        Gary Keller
        Anchorage, AK


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          Best of both worlds here. I'll probably wet a line for grayling while chasing caribou (and moose, if one decides to show itself) up north. Recipe for a good weekend: Spot for caribou for an hour, fish for an hour. Repeat as necessary.



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            One last hurrah!

            Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I too will be down in Homer this weekend.

            I keep telling myself I won't make the drive, but with the weather/tide/sea condtions they are predicting, I just can't pass it up.

            Hopefully everything will turn out and it will be a GREAT weekend.

            Will see you down there AK Gray!

            -- Gambler


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              kenai river

              Will be going down to fish the Upper Kenai from Jim's landing down to Skilak for bows and dollies. I'm sure we'll have to wade through herds of the late red run....should really have the dollies turned out down by Skilak as the reds are probably laying eggs by the trillions.

              Good luck to all


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                I'm hopping a flight from Florida to Michigan and am doing a Great Lakes fishery for King salmon and laketrout. Kings are stacked in the bays getting ready for their tributary spawn, and recent reports have been fabulous.

                My host is the same friend who I brought and guided around Kodiak in 2004. He is providing the boat, the gas, the equipment, the food, everything. It's called payback.

                He caught a 31 pound king two weeks ago and gave it away to a friend who carved it up and ate it. Only after the fish was gone did he discover that had he recorded and registered the fish, he could have quilified for a state award...

                "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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                  Homer as well

                  Ak Grey,

                  I think we're headed to Homer as well. We plan on looking at some property accross the bay and chasing fish as well. Might even sneak in a few ducks if the opportunity arises. Did you hunt today?

                  Give a hail if you wish. We are the Naughty Sound. I will have labs in tow if you need to borrow. Ha ha. I heard that the flatties have moved in fairly close to the bluffs which would be nice. With calmer seas this weekend, all should be good. Best of luck..


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                    Valley results?

                    Anyone get out for silvers in the valley this weekend, any chromers left? If so where'd you go and how was it?
                    Live to fish, fish to live...


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                      Seward Fishing Update

                      Just got back from Seward on my final trip in my boat since I sold it and will be picked up on Monday. Went out to Montague flats on about 4 foot seas and picked up a few chickens. Just could not get any size even with resetting the anchor about 5 times. Biggest one about 30 lbs. I then went to Pinnicle rock and picked up a few lings and rockfish (always reliable). The seas smoothed out and we made good time. A lot of silvers jumping in the Bay by the camping area and I counted at least 30 boats assembled there. It was a decent day though since it was sunny most of the time and NO rain.

                      Oh well, I guess I will have to wait for next year for the big one...



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                        Still trying to hook in a good supply of halibut to send to Fairbanks.
                        Now what ?


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