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  • AK Fishing Societies or Clubs

    Are there any official fishing (and/or hunting) clubs in Alaska? Like in Minnesota, for instance, there is Muskies Inc., and on the Gulf of Mexico coast there is GCCA/GCA. I'm sure there are a ton of other ones down south, dealing with bass or walleyes, etc., but I haven't heard of any around here. It seems we just have these forums.
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    AK fishing organizations...

    Navigate this directory and you will find some listed. A keyword computer search might give you a few more, but most of those are centered to private enterprises.

    I tried to organize a proactive organization that deals with AK fishing a few weeks ago right here on the forum and failed. (see Deplorabe Fishing Ethics; posts #3 and #7) If I resided there, I would be much more active and vocal, but as an out-of-town boy, I should only offer suggestions.

    Heck, it's your state. All you have to do is get organized and you can put together any type of fishing club that you desire...

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      im working on starting a fishing club at UAA. if your a student you can join


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