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Silvers in Whittier

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  • Silvers in Whittier

    Anybody know when the time for silvers to arrive in the cove there in Whittier by the boat harbor? I couldn't remember if it was early September to early October or late September through October. Thanks in advance.
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    They are slow if you are out trolling around with a baot then you should find them.


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      Fish and Game said the silvers are finally in Passage canal. I'd like to go and take my boat down there but not sure exactly where to fish and what to fish with. Can someone confirm the report and tell me what to use and where to go? Thanks


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        Should have said this. I only have a 17' jon boat with 40 jet so i cant go far unless its calm.


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          Pigot point ...

          Was out trolling on the south side of Pigot Pt. last Saturday (9/9). It wasn't 'hot' by any stretch of the word. Trolled for about 3 1/2 hours. We ended up picking up 6 and missing 7 or 8 others.

          Five rods in the water; 2 on deep sixes and 3 on banana weights. One of each of the divers or weights was trolling a silver/green spoon. The rest were using herring.

          You could definitely tell when you hit a school of 'em, because 3 or 4 or even all 5 would get hit. Didn't seem to matter what the lure/bait was when you found them.

          Was trolling about 3 mph (give or take).

          Hope this helps.

          -- Gambler


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            Man, I just might have to break her out one last time and head to Whitter. This very tempting
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              Incidently there are a bunch of Silvers milling around at the head of Long Bay. Limits taken there in no time last weekend

              Be well Have fun


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                How far is long bay and pigot point from the harbor? And can I make it in my 17' jon boat? Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated as whittier is a new place to me.
                I would like to catch alittle more fish before the boat is parked and the 4 wheeler comes out.



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                  Long Bay

                  Bruinman, Long Bay is in Culross Passage and is 22 miles from Whittier There is a fresh water stream at the head of it so the Silvers will sniff around for a bit. I have gone there in an inflatable but I wouldn't try it in jon boat.


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                    Long bay

                    Good advice Pastor Bob...The crossing to the North end of Culross requires some big water. The water is often confused in there and can be nasty.


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                      Ok long bay is out of the question. Is there any place closer that I can catch fish in 2-3 hours? I'd like to do a little sight seeing and take some pics for family.
                      Thanks for telling me about culross. I was gonna head there tomorrow


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                        I was told that they are limiting out at the cove (kind of crowded on the banks) as well as a chinese restaurant (on the rocks) I am going down there on Sunday
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                          I plan on going down sunday also. Which cove you talking about? I heard Pigot point was producing silvers also. Maybe someone can tell me where to go with a jon boat and maybe catch fish.


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                            We ended up going both Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday we went to the cove, don't know the name, but if you take the road by the old hospital, it goes straight there. It was a little crowded for us, and the bite was on intermittent. We decided to check out the harbor, all we had was vibrex. My brother caught a really nice one, and everyone was catching around us with Herring. Sunday we arrived with Herring, and was skunked, so we switched back to Vibrex. Everyone around us was catching on Roe. Next weekend if we go, we will have Vibrex (Copper colored), Herring and Roe. These Silvers are ALOT bigger than the ones in Ship Creek. Everyone was catching right by the boat ramp, it was more combat fishing then down at the Russian. We were down a ways by dock "Z"
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                              HOT SILVERS still

                              We were a glutton for punishment yesterday after work. As supersticion goes, the Cafeateria served my favorite soup for lunch. So I took it as a sign to see I might limit out in Whittier. We took off at 5pm from work, caught the 6:30 tunnel and fished on the rocks beneath the "Bread and Butter" shack at about 3 feet deep, using a copper vibrex (5) and some roe on the hook, we were slaying them. the tide was almost out when we started and had just started coming back in when we limited out. All in all it was about 45 minutes of fun fun fun. It was ALOT nicer to fish there on the week day instead of Combat Fishing (as bad as the Russian?) on the weekend.
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