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  • Firearm question?

    I'm heading up to the Anchorage area in 2 weeks to do some fishing, but with all the bear reports I'm hearing about I'm thinking about taking my handgun for an emergency. I'm a range shooter so, I'm not so hot on packing my gun, but would like to know about the regulations. Is there a concelled weapons law? Can I wear my gun in a holster in my waders while fishing/hunting or do I have to keep it visible at all times?

    Would appreciate any info. Thanks!

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    No worries...

    Alaska has a very liberal, no permit required, concealed carry law...

    Alaska does not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon. On June 11, 2003, the Governor of Alaska signed legislation amending section 11.61.220 to allow anyone 21 years of age or older (who may legally possess a firearm) to carry a concealed firearm without having to obtain a permit. Under section 11.61.220(a)(1), (g), it is a class B misdemeanor if:

    The person is carrying a concealed firearm and, when contacted by a peace officer, he or she fails to immediately inform the peace officer about the concealed firearm, or allow the peace officer to secure the weapon, or secure the weapon at the direction of the peace officer; or

    The person is carrying a concealed firearm within the residence of another person without first obtaining the express permission of an adult residing there to bring a concealed firearm within the residence.
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      A pistol point of view...

      The sidearm is your entitlement and your option. You might take some flack here and there by some who purport it won't prvide any defense against a bear, but I distincly remember reading about a father who dispatched a black one who was threating his daughter on the Kenai years ago.

      Then again, there's the classic yarn about the superior use of a pistol that been going around Alaska for years, "Simply shoot your buddy in the leg and leave him for the bear..."
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