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Personal use king crab closures in SE Alaska announced

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  • Personal use king crab closures in SE Alaska announced

    This is from Alaska Fishing News and is posted by a robot.

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced on August 25th that the red and blue king crab personal use fishery in the Port Frederick, Seymour Canal, and Peril Strait areas will remain closed for the season. These areas are defined as follows:
    (1) Port Frederick (all waters of Port Frederick south and west of a line between the light at Cannery Point to the northernmost tip of Halibut Island and from there to a point at 58° 09.60’ N. latitude 135° 30.00’ W. longitude) and;

    (2) Section 11-D, Seymour Canal (waters of Seymour Canal north of 57° 37.00’N. latitude) and;

    (3) Section 13-C, Peril Strait (all waters of Peril Strait, Hoonah Sound, Rodman Bay and contiguous waters west of a line from Point Hayes to Point Thatcher and north of a line from Pogibshi Point due west to the Chichagof shoreline).
    Read the entire news release >>>


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